Inkscape 0.92 with Mesh Gradients support released

Inkscape version 0.92 was released this week with exciting new features and important improvements. The highlight of this release is the new feature ‘Mesh Gradients’ which should make the software more suitable for pros. For those new to Inkscape, it is a cross platform professional vector graphics editor and is a FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).

Ferrari Rendered in InkScape
Ferrari Rendered in InkScape

Important New Features in Inkscape 0.92

1. Mesh Gradients:

This is a powerful feature that enabling users to more easily create photo-realistic drawings. The dev team definelty wants this to be a part of the W3C’s Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) standard, and they are requesting users to make a request to your favorite web browser to adopt it too. Therefore as of now mesh support in browsers is not promised. You can can replace a mesh by a bitmap using Edit->Create bitmap copy. For print, export to PDF supports meshes. This is a workaround until the program becomes part of W3C’s SVG standard.

2. Live Path Effects:

Spiro Live, BSpline, and Roughen now provide new drawing modes. The Simplify LPE cleans up vector elements non-destructively by smoothing paths, shapes, groups, clips, and masks. The new version also brings in ability to interactively deform/transform the drawing elements via Perspective/Envelope and Lattice Deformation 2. Other new features include interactive mirroring and rotation of copies along an arc or circle.

3. Default Resolution:

Inkscape’s default resolution has changed from 90 dpi to 96 dpi. Don’t worry, the program will detect files created with previous versions and offer to convert them to new dpi.

4. New Extensions:

Several new extensions and filters are added in this release. Highlight being the seamless pattern extension, and a new filter ‘colorblindness simulation’.

5. Other Enhancements:

Spray tool and measure tool gets new features. You can now smoothen lines created with the Pencil tool. BSplines and some more are included in the Pen tool. Finally, Checkerboard background is added to more easily see the object transparencies.

InkScape is available for free download from Software center of Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementary OS, Solus, Fedora and most of major Linux distributions. Therefore installation should be a breeze!

Enjoy the video tour, courtesy of InkScape while the software installation is in progress!

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