Ubuntu 19.10 development begins, here is what we know so far

Ubuntu 19.10 should land in October 2019 after a standard 6-month development period. Here are today's details and we will keep you up-to-date.

Disco Dingo’s storm hasn’t settled yet, but following the typical schedule, Canonical didn’t waste time kick-starting Ubuntu 19.10. Let’s catch the development details available today

Ubuntu 19.10 will be released in October 2019

Ubuntu 19.10 doesn’t have a release schedule yet, but there should be no surprise here. Canonical will follow the latest release guidelines, meaning users will only get the beta release throughout the development cycle.

Ubuntu 19.10 should land after standard 6-month development time in October 2019. Historically, the build is expected to wrap up for RC by the third week of October, and the official version should hit the streets by October last week.

Ubuntu 19.10 code-named “Eoan Ermine”

By now, most of you should be aware of Ubuntu’s codenaming trivia. All code names are tautograms that contain an animal’s name or mythic creature’s name. Since version Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake), new code names are selected using the next alphabet letter. For example, the current version’s (Ubuntu 19.04) code name is “Disco Dingo,” where Dingo is an Australian dog’s name.

Ubuntu 19_10 Development Build_2
Ubuntu 19.10 Development Build

Therefore, code-name for the next build should use EE. Canonical has yet to make an official announcement, but going through the daily index page, Eoan Ermine is the code name of Ubuntu 19.10. Eoan means “relating to the dawn or the east.” The other one is Ermine also called stoat, is a short-tailed weasel.

Short-tailed weasel
Short-tailed weasel Credit: NPS / Jacob W. Frank

The species is called ermine especially during its winter white color phase.

Ubuntu 19.10 New Features

Okay, the most crucial part, what new features are expected in Ubuntu 19.10? While we are eagerly waiting for official features release notes, at this point, we can only make our best guess and speculate.

GNOME 3.34

As per GNOME wiki, GNOME 3.34 will be released on Wednesday, September 11, 2019. Hence, Canonical should have no problems in packaging it in Ubuntu 19.10. Predicting what’s new in GNOME 3.34 is too early. Stay tuned.

That’s all we know about the new features in Ubuntu 19.10. We’ll keep updating this article as we know something more.

Ubuntu 19.10 Daily Build ISO Available Now

Canonical has already made available the Ubuntu 19.10 daily builds on their servers. As of today, it should be just a replica of Ubuntu 19.04 with no significant change.

Download Ubuntu 19.10 Daily Build ISO

We download the ISO image and here is how it looks:

Ubuntu 19_10 development build
Ubuntu 19.10 development build

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