Here is the brand new Pop!_OS installer that may feature in elementary OS 5.0 Juno too

The new installer called "Distinst" will replace Ubuntu's Ubiquity wizard, and may be included in elementary OS 5.0 Juno too

Earlier we mentioned that the upcoming elementary OS 5.0 codenamed Juno may feature a brand new installer called “Distinst”. It is being developed together by elementary and System76 team. This means the new installation wizard will be included in elementary OS and Pop!_OS. System76 releases Pop!_OS, which is a Linux distribution based of Ubuntu. It is one of the gorgeous looking distro that is worth taking a look.

Pop!_OS Desktop
Pop!_OS Desktop

The good news is Pop!_OS has released a test version of their upcoming distribution based of Ubuntu 18.04. The test version features the new installer, so offering us a glimpse at the upcoming elementary OS installer. Both the distributions will have same wizard, of course with different logos.

UPDATE 09th April: elementary confirmed to FOSS Linux that there is no guarantee that the new installer will be packaged in Juno. They are working towards it as the goal, since they work with a policy of “When It’s Ready™”, so we have to wait and see eventually when will it land in elementary OS.

We downloaded Pop!_OS 18.04 test version and captured these bunch of screenshots during the installation. The installer is completely developed from scratch and looks very different from Ubuntu’s ubiquity installation wizard. First thing you will notice is the intuitive user interface that’s very easy to follow even for newbies trying to install Linux first time.

First step - selecting language
Selecting language

Pop_OS 18.04 Testing - Keyboard Layout
Pop_OS 18.04 Testing – Keyboard Layout

The next step has a new name called “Demo mode”, which is nothing but the Live desktop.

Pop_OS 18.04 Installation and Demo Mode
Pop_OS 18.04 Installation and Demo Mode

For additional security it’s great to use “Drive encryption”, particularly for laptops as they are comparatively easier to get stolen or lost.

Drive Encryption
Drive Encryption

I think the installer is not yet finalized and understandably OK considering the test version of Pop!_OS, because I don’t see hard disk partitioning wizard to indicate the bootloader and SWAP partitions. It took me straight to “Erase and install”.

Update: The installer is not fully completed and the following known issues exists

  • Choosing a language other that English does not change the current GNOME session

  • Custom partitioning is not implemented but will be completed by release. Installing wipes the drive you install to

  • After installing, initial setup may hang. Reboot by holding the power button to complete setup

Pop_OS 18.04 installation Final
Pop_OS 18.04 installation Final

Here is a screenshot from elementary when they gave a sneak peek into the Distinst.elementary OS new installer - select drive for installation


Installation Complete
Installation Complete

It will be exciting to see the completed version of Distinst when it gets released. Stay tuned to FOSS Linux. Meanwhile, if you want to try out the new installer and also the gorgeous Pop!_OS, grab the test build from below link:
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