Ubuntu 18.04 LTS now available for download

The exciting day has arrived! Ubuntu 18.04 is now available for download. Dubbed as Bionic Beaver, this is a major upgrade to probably the world’s most popular Linux distribution. This build comes after 6 months of development, and brings several important features. If you were following us, you might be well aware of the new features already.

Ubuntu 18.04 brings the brand new Welcome screen. We already gave a detailed look at it. While installing Ubuntu 18.04, you get an additional “Minimal Installation” option that lets you install a light-weight Ubuntu with just a browser and few needed utilities.

The problematic Wayland is no more the default video server in the Bionic Beaver. It has been replaced by Xorg. You can still select Wayland during login if needed.

Login Wayland - x11 Options in Ubuntu 17.10
Login Wayland – x11 Options in Ubuntu 17.10

GNOME 3.28 desktop environment is the biggest update to the Bionic Beaver. It itself brings in more than a dozen new features. new on-screen keyboard, favoriting functionality in Files, enhancements in Calendar, and much more. Check the best 10 features in GNOME 3.28.

GNOME 3.28 Calendar
GNOME 3.28 Calendar

Linux Kernel 4.15 update brings CPU controller for the cgroup v2 interface, AMD secure memory encryption support, the latest MD driver with software RAID enhancements, Improved power management for systems with SATA Link Power Management and other minor improvements.

Apps via Snaps: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS comes pre-installed with several apps in the Snap universal package format by default. Some of these are packaged with the GNOME environment. These include  Calculator, Characters, Logs, and System Monitor. Ubuntu Software app center now lets you easily switch between different Snap Store sources.

Bionic Beaver Welcome Screen -Apps
Bionic Beaver Welcome Screen -Apps

Color emoji support is now added in Ubuntu 18.04. On the security aspect, mitigations are in place to protect against massive Spectre and Meltdown which shook the entire industry.

Download Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

With so many exciting features, no wonder it is a good time to upgrade or try Ubuntu for first time users! Ubuntu can work on a low spec computer as well. Here are the minimum system requirements.

  • 2 GHz dual core processor or better
  • 2 GB system memory
  • 25 GB of free hard drive space

That’s all you need. Sorry for small list.

Download Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop

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