Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo” Release Date and New Features

Ubuntu 19.04 is expected to release on April 18th, 2019, and will be a non-LTS version.

The final release of Ubuntu 19.04 is expected to arrive on Thursday, April 18th, 2019. It will follow the typical 6-month development cycle and will be the only official build of the version offered for public testing. Canonical has stopped releasing alpha build release since Ubuntu 18.04 release.

Ubuntu 19.04 code-named “Disco Dingo”

According to the usual Ubuntu naming standard, the next letter is D, following C (Cosmic Cuttlefish). Dingo is an Australian-born dog. Interestingly enough, “dingo” is an Australian slang term that means “a cowardly person.” But people rarely both the words in this context. Anyway, Disco Dingo, here it is for Ubuntu 19.04.

Download Disco Dingo Default Wallpaper

Disco Dingo Wallpaper
Disco Dingo Wallpaper

Other versions of the wallpaper are available at the official development portal.

Disco Dingo will be a successor to the Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish and will be the short-term release version, meaning the build will be supported by Canonical with software and security updates for only nine months, until July 2020. Non-LTS (Long Term Support) versions are targetted for the users who want to run the latest Ubuntu version with all the updated technologies included, not the most stable and well-tested.

New Features of Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo”

As per Launchpad entry, Disco will be derived from the Debian Buster/Testing package-set.

GNOME 3.32

As far as the DE is concerned, it will ship with the GNOME 3.32, which got released on March 13th.

Kernel 5.0

It will be powered by Linux Kernel 5.0.

LibreOffice 6.1.2

From the applications point of view, it will ship with LibreOffice 6.1.2. the LibreOffice 6.1 family’s second point release, targeting early adopters, technology enthusiasts, and power users. This new release was launched at the LibreOffice Conference 2018 in Albania’s capital, Tirana. LibreOffice 6.1.2 has about 70 bug and regression fixes compared to the previous version.

Other major new updates include MATE 1.22, KDE Plasma 5.15 desktop environments, and Mozilla Firefox 66 web browser.


Ubuntu 19.04 is about performance, so users will hardly notice any visual changes after upgrading. Since performance is a huge overhaul, however, users will feel fluid, responsive animations and desktop experience.

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