Download and Install Fonts in Fedora 24

The best and safest way of installing additional fonts n Fedora 24 workstation is by using dnf command-line. Note that you need to have root access to complete installation.

Install Fonts in Fedora
Install Fonts in Fedora

Install Fonts using dnf

STEP 1: Click ‘Activities’ on the wingpanel, search for ‘Terminal’ and launch it.

STEP 2: Login as superuser using su command and enter the root password:


STEP 3: Before installing the fonts let us find out which fonts are available to download. Type the following command and hit enter.

dnf search fonts

STEP 4: Fedora will list all the available fonts to download for free.

STEP 5: Select the name of the font which you want to install. For example I have chosen to install Adobe Type 1 decorative initial fonts on my computer. You need to copy the first portion before the colon :.

Copy font-family name
Copy font-family name

STEP 6: Type the following command and then right-click and paste after the dnf install command.

dnf install textlive-initials.noarch
dnf install fonts
dnf install fonts

STEP 7: Fedora will show the dependencies and will ask you to confirm the download. Type ‘y’ and hit enter to begin download and installation of the chosen font family.

STEP 8: If everything went well, you should see ‘Complete!’ message in the Terminal.

Fonts Installation Successful
Fonts Installation Successful

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