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How to install Skype in Fedora 24

by Kiran Kumar
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Skype for Linux

One of the most popular VOIP service ‘Skype’ is not available in the Fedora software center. No worries, you can still install the official Skype on your Fedora computer.

STEP 1: Go to Skype website and download Skype for Fedora. Only 32-bit version is available, but don’t worry it also works on 64-bit Fedora.

STEP 2: After the download is complete, open the downloaded rpm file (skype- from within the browser itself. Your version number may be different. Open it with the software installer.

Launch Software Installer from within Browser

Launch Software Installer from within Browser

STEP 3: Click ‘Install’ and enter the root password for installation to finish.

STEP 4: After the installation is complete, you may see error message as “Could not find ‘skype.desktop'”. That should be OK. Go to activities and type ‘Skype’ in the search box. You should see the Skype. That’s it!

Skype Installation Error in Fedora

Skype Installation Error in Fedora

If the installer failed showing error message ‘Sorry, this did not work’ – ‘Installation of Skype is a free telephony that just works failed’, then you will have to follow the command-line way. Proceed as follows.

STEP 6: Go to downloads directory and check if you have the skype rpm file downloaded. If not, download it again and make sure to save it this time instead of opening it with software installer.

STEP 5: Go to ‘Activities’ and launch ‘Terminal’.

STEP 6: Type su and hit enter to login as root user.

STEP 6: Type ls to see all the directories and then cd Downloads OR navigate to wherever you have downloaded the Skype file.

STEP 7: Type ls again to see the contents of the ‘Downloads’ directory. By default the downloaded file should be in this directory.

STEP 8: Type the following command and make sure to copy and paste the skype exact file name by right-click context menu from mouse. (Ctrl+C copy and Ctrl+V paste won’t work in the Terminal environment.)

dnf install skype-
Install Skype in Fedora

Install Skype in Fedora

STEP 9: That’s it!

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