Remember those MS-DOS days when we used to play Commander Keen, Rise of the Triad, and the Jill of the Jungle? If not the new generation people, but at least those who grew up in 70’s and 80’s should be having some idea of MS-DOS.

The project FreeDOS was initiated by Jim Hall, a MS-DOS lover who used to build a library of utilities he wrote to add new functionality to MS-DOS. FreeDOS project was started in mid 1994 and the first alpha build was rolled out in September 1994. It immediately attracted some fans and was enough to inspire Jim and his team to work on a stable build. It took a little more than 10 years to release the first FreeDOS 1.0 and was considered a successful distribution averaging 30K downloads per month. So what is it that DOS is used for even today? You would be surprised that McLaren F1 supercar can only be serviced with an ancient DOS laptop! And Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin uses DOS to write his books. And there are several others who still boot FreeDOS to update the BIOS in their computer.

DOS is here to live, and FreeDOS gives you that experience for free. FreeDOS 1.2 got released today and here is what’s new in it.

New Features in FreeDOS 1.2

New Installer: FreeDOS 1.2 comes with the brand-new installer. It is very simple to use – for both new and experienced FreeDOS users.

New Programs and Utilities: The team has included new programs and utilities in FreeDOS 1.2. Some open source DOS games are also added in this release.

On the utilities front, the new version include some programs to help you play sounds and update graphic files. Additionally, other tools are added that help you connect to a network, including a DOS web browser.

The new FreeDOS 1.2 comes in several flavors. The “Lite” installer is about 30MB, and the “Full” installer is 415MB. Both are USB-based installers; you can write them to a USB fob drive and boot your computer with that to install FreeDOS.

Download FreeDOS

Enjoy some screen-shots of FreeDOS 1.2 in action.

FreeDOS Installer—My Package List Editor Software
FreeDOS Installer—My Package List Editor Software


Dillo web browser.
Dillo web browser

Foxcalc - Simple Calculator
Foxcalc – Simple Calculator

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