Solus releases First ISO Snapshot 2017.01.01.0

Solus starts the 2017 with a bang! The much awaited first ISO snapshot is now available for download. This is a important first step for the Solus team for their path forward of being a rolling distribution. Rolling distributions is one kind of OS development in which the updates are released frequently in contrast to version release development model. In a standard development model, every time a new version is released, people need to download the entire OS again which costs lot of time and money, especially for OS deployment in a organization.

Solus Snapshot 2017.01.01.0
Solus Snapshot 2017.01.01.0

Rolling distributions on the other hand is easier to upgrade. Users need to only download the new and updated codes. There is no need to reinstall entire OS anytime as there is no such version concept. So, in a nutshell, it’s a one time install and it updates forever.

Coming back to Solus ISO snap-shot, the team have packaged latest stable Linux kernel from the 4.8 series, an improved graphics stack based on X.Org Server 1.18.4 and Mesa 13.0.2 3D Graphics Library, and the latest Nvidia proprietary drivers.

The snapshot also comes with the latest version of our Software Center, v15, which now has expanded list of dedicated software categories. It includes:

Note-taking applications.
E-book and PDF viewing applications.

Haskell libraries
General programming libraries.

More 3rd-Party applications added:

Bitwig Studio
Flash Player (NPAPI)
Flash Player (PPAPI)
Google Earth
Mendeley Desktop

Software Center
Software Center

Budgie 10.2.9

The build also includes the latest Budgie 10.2.9. Budgie is the Solus developed desktop environment.

For the MATE edition ISO snapshot has the new Brisk Menu as promised by the Solus team few days ago.

You can download the latest Solus Snapshot ISO from their official download page.

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