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Hello, My name is Jasenko Krejić, I live in the beautiful town of Banjaluka, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. After wrapping up my master in telecommunications, I have been working with computer systems. A decade ago, I had my first encounter with Linux and immediately fell in love with it because of it being an open-source! I work in an enterprise-level company, but I always try to stay ahead and do various other projects, and learn new technologies. Part of learning is sharing knowledge. I consider it a part of my learning path. I hope that in my articles, I have aggregated my knowledge, explained the material as simple as possible and that I have sparked your curiosity to learn Linux.

Latest Articles

Creating, Deleting, and Managing Directories on Linux

In today's Learn Linux article, we will teach you how to create, delete, and manage the directories using command lines from the Linux Terminal. It applies to all Linux distributions. There is always the GUI way in Linux too, using right-click contextual menu from the desktop environment which is straight-forward. This guide is for doing things the command line way.

How to manage Packages on CentOS with YUM

If you ever wondered what YUM stands for, it is an abbreviation for Yellow Dog Updater, Modified. It is a high-level package manager, that uses the RPM package management tool in the background. How it differs from RPM? I will show you in a minute.

How to install and manage packages on CentOS using RPM

We use RPM to install a package from a .rpm file. We need to have a file, so in order to demonstrate it to you, we will download a .rpm file for a package called epel-release, which is a set of additional repositories (you can think of these as software stores) for Fedora and CentOS.

How to install CentOS 6 on VirtualBox on Windows

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install CentOS 6 on VirtualBox on Windows. For this, you will need to have VirtualBox installed, and download Centos 6 ISO file from the official servers.