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"Hello! My name is Luis Amigo and I work as Developer and DevOps. I have my roots deep into Unix lands and my trunk growing into Linux. When I am not working or learning, I enjoy writing articles in FOSSLinux"

Latest Articles

Installing and Using Perf in Ubuntu and CentOS

Performance is one of the most complicated parts of systems administration.  Whenever you are trying to investigate the source of bad performance or the reason for the high workload, you need the right tools to do so.

How to record Terminal sessions as ASCII video in Ubuntu

There are several times that you might need to record a video of a sequence of commands in terminal. Let it be for a tutorial or for teaching seasons or just for your own reference. Recording a video does not allow you to copy from it, so you need to provide some transcript of the video if you want your viewers to be able to copy your commands for further use.

SUSE Linux for ARM now available for all customers

SUSE has announced recently the final release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Arm. SUSE has been working for a long time on this release, which has been available only for partners and now makes its debut for all customers.