install jenkins ubuntu

How to install Jenkins on Ubuntu 18.04

In today's tutorial let's take a look at how to install and configure Jenkins on Ubuntu. Jenkins is an open source automation server and it helps to set up continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. 

How to Enable Tabs in Ubuntu Terminal

By default settings, Ubuntu launches Terminal in its own window every time you launch a new one. Using few simple steps, you can enable tabs so that you can work several Terminal sessions in the same window. This tip is very useful, especially for those using Terminal a lot. 
setup virtual hosts apache

How to set up Apache Virtual Hosts on Ubuntu 18.10

Apache HTTP server, formerly known as Apache Web Server is free and open-source software developed and maintained by Apache Software Foundation. In this tutorial, we will guide you on setting up Apache Virtual Hosts on Ubuntu 18.10. Generally, Virtual Host is used for hosting a number of websites on the same web server.
Image editing tools right click ubuntu

How to resize, convert images from right-click menu in Ubuntu

Does your nature of job deal with graphics and photos most of the times? I personally have to do lot of graphics work for this website as well as editing those family trip photos. One of most common image editing tasks is resizing those tremendously huge pictures straight out of camera.

Download Ubuntu 17.04 New Wallpapers

With Ubuntu 17.04 just around the corner for the release this spring, the new official wallpapers that will be included in it are out now for download. For Ubuntu 17.04, 96 images were submitted to the Ubuntu 17.04 Free Culture Showcase photo pool on Flickr, where all eligible submissions can be found.
Create a SWAP in Ubuntu, elementary OS, Linux Mint

How to create or add a SWAP partition in Ubuntu and...

The SWAP partition is a very important feature to get the best performance and stability, especially in a PC with smaller RAM. In a nutshell,...
resize images command line

How to Resize Images by Command line in Ubuntu

Today, let's talk about how to resize images by command line via Terminal. Command line way of doing things have their own advantages. In most of the cases, it is highly efficient to use command line when doing things from a remote computer. Also, Terminal consumes least amount of system resources and is lightning fast.
Ubuntu 17.04 AirPrint & Driverless Printing

Driverless Printing and AirPrint Support comes to Ubuntu 17.04 ‘Zesty’

The next Ubuntu codenamed Zesty Zapus will support Driverless printing and AirPrint. That's a great piece of news and a much needed feature for long...
Upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 now

How to upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS now

Now that Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is officially released, you may want to upgrade your current Ubuntu installation to the Bionic Beaver.  In this article,...
disable screen locking

How to disable screen locking in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Those new to Ubuntu 18.04 may be finding it hard to locate the setting to disable screen locking. This applies to people who migrated from Ubuntu Unity desktop environment. It can get confusing because looking for "lock" in the GNOME "Activities" menu and selecting it actually locks the screen immediately unlike in Unity where it used to take you to the setting.