Wine 4.0 released with Vulkan, Direct3D 12, and better HiDPI support

Wine helps Linux and other OS users to run Windows programs and games

Wine 4.0 has officially been released, promising massive improvements in its latest release. Besides the 6000 changes made to the newest version, developers have centered their focus on four key highlights.

Key New Features in Wine 4.0

• Vulkan support
• Direct3D 12 support
• Game controllers support
• High-DPI support on Android

Don’t get too excited yet as you need a GPU to support both Vulkan and Direct3D support. Additionally, Direct3D 12 support will require the vkd3d library, as well as a Vulkan Graphics Card to give you remarkable gaming experience.

Other New Features

Other notable core features of the Direct3D 10 and 11 features include:

• Multi-sample textures and views, as well as multi-sample resolves.
• Per-sample fragment shading.
• Support for 1D textures.
• Draws without render target views or depth/stencil views
• Multiple viewports and scissor rectangles per draw
• Depth clipping control
• Depth bias clamping
• Stream output without geometry shaders
• Several more capability queries
• Several more resource formats

Wine 4.0 is a superb upgrade from earlier releases promising a better and more memorable gaming experience for Linux lovers. And not just gaming. You’ll be in for an unforgettable experience running your Windows applications
If you want to read the whole list of all the latest features, do so by clicking on the source link located at the bottom of the article.

Downloading Wine 4.0

If you are looking to download Wine 4.0, click on the below link to download the source and install it on your PC.

Download Wine 4.0

Installing from source is recommended at this point because chances are you may not find it from the repositories yet. With all the latest features and changes announced, the future looks brighter for those looking to start or continue running their Windows applications on a Linux platform. As with any new release, there may be chances of a few bugs and slowness. So, go ahead and give it a test run and let us know how it went.


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