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Debian Edu 10 released as a complete Linux solution for schools

After a few days of the release of the new Debian, the makers announce Debian Edu 10 that comes with updated software and new features. Here's what's new.

FreeBSD 11.3 officially released with enhancements and updated apps

With an upgraded kernel and userland, FreeBSD 11.3 is now available for the general audience.

Linux Kernel 5.2 released, here is what’s new

Despite the busy schedule of Linus Torvalds, we're still getting a significant release in Linux Kernel 5.2 instead of just a release candidate. Here are the new features.

Debian 10 is here with updated software and enhancements

The Debian Project announces the release of Debian 10, codenamed buster, with five years of support. The highly anticipated Debian 10 release took two years in the making.

Whonix 15 with extensive changes and new features officially released

Say hello to the new Whonix 15 that is based on the Debian 10 distribution (also known as buster).

LibreOffice 6.2.5 is here with a lot of bug fixes, download now

The fifth maintenance update of the latest LibreOffice 6.2 has just been released and it solves a number of issues the users have previously reported.

Linux Mint-powered MintBox3 to be the most powerful MintBox ever made

The Linux Mint Blog has announced in the June 2019 edition of their monthly news article that the MintBox3 will be the best MintBox yet. MintBox is a series of computers based on Linux Mint that is developed by CompuLab in collaboration with the Mint team.

Linux Mint 32-bit edition axed starting from Linux Mint 20 onwards

Recently, Canonical made a massive announcement that the new Ubuntu won't be available for 32-bit architecture. Linux Mint, being derivative of Ubuntu, will follow Canonical's footsteps.