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Manjaro 19.0 is here with Linux 5.4 and improved UI

Manjaro Linux has received a new stable update, and today, we're going to be seeing what users should expect from Manjaro 19.0 "Kyria." As it is a significant update, there's no doubt that the operating went through a substantial overhaul. However, before we get into discussing this update, let's first talk a bit about Manjaro Linux itself.

Netrunner 20.01 out now with a new theme and apps

It has been ten years since the first version of Netrunner was made available to the general public, and what better way to celebrate this special day than releasing the 20th release of Netrunner Desktop for Ubuntu/Debian.

Google announces 200 open-source mentors for the 2020 GSoC event

With this year's Google Summer of Code event right around the corner, the organizers considered this to be the perfect time to announce the mentoring organizations for the participants. In this year's edition of GSoC, there will be 200 mentoring organizations, including 30 new teams. Read on to find out more details of this open-source event.

Coronavirus wreaking havoc in the tech industry, including FOSS

The recent outbreak of the pneumonia-like illness caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), first detected in the central city of Wuhan in December 2019, is wreaking havoc on day-to-day life in China and it's citizens. It is also significantly impacting industries worldwide, most importantly, the tech industry.

NG Firewall 15.0 is here with better protection for SMB assets

Here comes the release of NG Firewall 15.0 by Untangle with the creators claiming top-notch security for SMB assets. Let's thoroughly discuss the latest NG Firewall update.

MyPaint 2.0 released featuring Linear Compositing and Layers

Over the weekend, the MyPaint developers quietly released version 2.0 of their popular free and open-source raster graphics editor. For those new to MyPaint, let me quickly introduce in brief.

MX Linux 19.1 released with bugfixes and updated apps

Popular Linux distro MX Linux received a point update 19.1 over the weekend with a plethora of application updates and bugfixes.  This is the first update to the MX Linux 19.1 "Patito Feo" series.  The release is the first with the antiX repository disabled.

South Korea switching their 3.3 million PCs to Linux

South Korean government has announced that it will switch the computers used in its central government, local governments, and public institutions to Linux-based operating systems starting this year-end.