Forward and Reverse Proxy Differences Explained

Proxies are placed between various connections online. Because of the variations in the dimensions of the different connections, different types of proxies exist. While some proxies indicate a direct relationship between the proxy server and the client, some tell you which of the gadgets the proxy server is. In some cases, it can even show data management or how to deal with privacy in such a scenario. Depending on the proxy position, it can either be a forward proxy or a reverse proxy.

How to Safely Uninstall Ubuntu in a Windows Dual-boot PC

Previously, We covered a post on How to dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu on the same PC. We also went further and looked at How to dual-boot two Linux distributions like Fedora and Ubuntu. This post will look at something around the same line but a little different.

Top 20 Things You Can Also Do On Linux

Contrary to the assumption that Linux is only for geeks and it's a boring OS, we would like to bust this myth and list the top things you can also do on Linux. At the end of the article, you will know what Linux can do for you and the reason to use it for everyday computing.

How to install openSUSE on your PC

OpenSUSE, previously referred to as SUSE Linux, is a German distribution that still holds a good position in the DistroWatch rankings. Even though it's not popular as it used to be, openSUSE still has many users. Currently, openSUSE comes in two standard variants - Tumbleweed and Leap. Tumbleweed is a rolling release or commonly known as "bleeding edge." This variant guarantees users access to the latest Linux packages.

Linux Firewall: Everything You Need to Know

The Linux OS is famed for its awesome security system and protocols. This statement is the best-selling pitch that a Linux enthusiast will use to recruit a Linux newbie. No one wants to deal with a system prone to malicious attacks from unknown scripts or black hat hackers. Therefore, most of us can attest that we fell in love with Linux because its system did not need an antivirus. We did not need to scan every external device that made its way into our Linux system through the machine ports.

How to create Windows 10 USB installation Drive in Linux

We have previously looked at how you can create a bootable USB drive of various Linux distributions from a Windows PC. Some of these posts include Creating a Linux Mint Live USB drive on Windows and How to create a Bootable Ubuntu Live USB drive on Windows using tools like Rufus and PowerISO. This post will do the reverse - How to create Windows 10 USB installation Drive in Linux.

How to convert MP4 to MP3 in Linux

MPEG-4 video file format, commonly known as MP4, is one of the most common media formats used for video files. It's a highly versatile video extension that supports audio, images, and subtitles all together in one file.

Bash Scripting Tutorial for Beginners

If you are getting started with Linux systems, terms like "Shell scripting" or "Bash scripting" can be quite common - But what do they mean? Before we get into details, learning Bash scripting can help you save time in executing and performing various system tasks and understand the Linux command-line (Terminal) better and automate multiple system tasks.