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7 Best Ways to Kill Unresponsive Programs in Linux

For dealing with a frozen app or desktop, you can't use the CTRL+ALT+DEL in Linux system. Instead, there are powerful alternatives that come in handy in frustrating situations. We pick the best methods available for you.

How to remote control a Linux system from Windows

If you use separate Windows and Linux computers, sometimes you need to link to Linux from your Windows machine. The Linux machine can function as backup storage, server, or just another desktop to link.

How to install VirtualBox on MX Linux

This guide will walk you through the process of installing Oracle's VirtualBox on an MX Linux computer. VirtualBox is actively being developed and has a growing list of features, frequently released versions, and a vibrant, helpful, and friendly community of users.

How to Copy and Paste Commands in the Linux Terminal

Every time you go across Terminal Tuts on our website, you should be reading usage of lengthy command lines that are to be entered into the Terminal. Obviously, we don't expect you to type the entire command manually, but rather use copy and paste.