How to install VirtualBox on MX Linux

This guide will walk you through the process of installing Oracle's VirtualBox on an MX Linux computer. VirtualBox is actively being developed and has a growing list of features, frequently released versions, and a vibrant, helpful, and friendly community of users.

4 Ways to Check the CentOS Version

One of the basic things a Linux user should know for troubleshooting issues is what version or release of Linux OS is currently on the device. Several issues that you may encounter related to bugs or dependencies related problems may depend on an OS version or kernel version.

How to Safely Uninstall Ubuntu in a Windows Dual-boot PC

Previously, We covered a post on How to dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu on the same PC. We also went further and looked at How to dual-boot two Linux distributions like Fedora and Ubuntu. This post will look at something around the same line but a little different.

How to list the installed Packages on Ubuntu

It is only natural to start installing more and more software on your Ubuntu PC once you start using it. Similarly, it is also natural to lose track of the different packages that you have installed on your system. Eventually, you may be overwhelmed with the number of packages in your system and with the ones you hardly used.

Linux Vs. Windows: 10 Key Differences to Know

Merely going by statistics, it is most likely that you are a Windows user.  After all, around  87.70% of all PCs around the world run on Windows with Linux, only accounting for 2.32%.

How to find string in a file on Linux

Sometimes you might need to search a particular word or a string inside a file. To do this, almost every text editor has some sort of GUI implementation to help you out. But for Linux users, it is much more productive and convenient to do these searches from the command-line.

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Top opensource virtualization software for Linux

Virtualization in computing involves creating virtual machines, storage, hardware, computer network resources, or an operating system. You can create many instances of a given operating system on a single computer. These instances are called virtual machines. Virtualization software has become popular as they extend the capabilities of a system drastically. Virtualization is most preferred and applied for cloud computing.

10 reasons to use GNOME as your desktop environment

One of the best things about using Linux is that you get access to tons of desktop environments. But on the flip side, with so many desktop environments (DE) to choose from, it can get real confusing real quick as to which DE is right for you. Furthermore, the Linux community is always engaged in a heated argument around which DE is the best.

Deepin DE review: The most beautiful Linux DE

The Deepin Desktop Environment, or DDE for short, is one of, if not the best-looking Linux desktop environments out there. It brings a clean, elegant, modern, and professional-looking user interface. Not only will it woo anyone who looks at it, but it also provides a super intuitive and familiar user experience.

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Tips and tricks of using wget Linux command

Wget is a command-line, open-source utility to download files and web pages from the internet. It gets data from the internet and displays it in your terminal or saves it to a file. The wget utility is non-interactive. You can get the most out of it through scripts or even schedule file downloads.

Accessing the internet from the terminal with the curl command

cURL is a command-line utility that developers use to transfer data via several network protocols. Client URL (cURL) or (curl) is considered a non-interactive web browser that uses URL syntax to transfer data to and from servers. It can pull information from the internet and display it in your terminal or save it to a file in your local drive.

ServerLinux forever!
There is a reason why 90% of world's servers run on Linux.

7 echo command uses in Linux with examples

There are several commands of the GNU-Coreutils that practically make the Linux working environment what it is. Some that you might know are cp, mv, rm, cd, etc. These are all fundamental commands that provide minimum requirements to the users. One such command is the echo.

How to install Jenkins on Ubuntu 18.04

In today's tutorial let's take a look at how to install and configure Jenkins on Ubuntu. Jenkins is an open source automation server and it helps to set up continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. 

Azure virtual machine: what you need to know

The continuous improvisations of technological milestones in the business-centered world do not spare the same tech-oriented businesses from certain challenges. They still have to install, manage, and update reputable remote work infrastructure to fight certain menaces.