How to install Metasploit on Ubuntu

Metasploit has scripts for scanning, dictionary attacks, gives pivoting ability and backgrounding and upgrading shells. It comes pre-installed in some Linux versions. In this tutorial, we should see the two common ways of installing Metasploit on Ubuntu.

How to share and transfer files between Linux and Windows

Transferring your data between Linux and Windows using your local network is the recommended option. With an easy and quick one time setup, you can share your files between various machines.

How to access and sync Google Drive in Ubuntu using Open Drive

As of today, Google does not provide for Linux based users a non-browser client for their Google Drive. Open Drive is an unofficial google drive client for Linux desktops written in Electron. We will help you synchronize your Google Drive files with Ubuntu using Open Drive. Open Drive is an app used to automatically syncs Google Drive files in Linux.

How to install Ubuntu alongside Windows in a dual-boot setup

In this article, we will take you through the steps to create a dual-boot PC to install Ubuntu Desktop next to Microsoft Windows. By doing this, you can utilize your PC with its entire hardware unlike limited hardware capability in Virtual Machines, to use Linux.

How to setup OpenVPN on Ubuntu Server

OpenVPN is a free VPN service for secure remote access of your server/machine. It gives you the capability to encrypt your web traffic and route it securely. OpenVPN enables you to have complete control of your tunneled traffic because the server and client, both are under your surveillance.

How to install Minecraft Server on Ubuntu

Minecraft is one of the most famous building games in the world developed by Microsoft Studious. In this game, you are allowed to build anything you need and explore it in a 3D world.

GNOME 3.34 released, gets significant performance boost

The new GNOME 3.34 is now available for download and comes packed with various improvements, performance enhancements and especially new features. Version 3.34 involves six months of work by the GNOME team and includes a number of improvements, performance improvements, and new features.

6 Best Linux Distros for Programmers and Developers

Linux distros have long been a favorite among programmers since the rise in popularity of the OS in the nineties. Programmers are technical by nature, and Linux distros appeal to that technical nature. Let's discuss why Linux is a great desktop OS for programmers and developers, and find out best distros suitable for them.

Manjaro Linux 18.1.0 ‘Juhraya’ officially released, here are new features

Just a week after Manjaro announced that they would soon be a company, they officially released their latest distro, Manjaro 18.1.0 'Juhraya,' to the delight of Linux enthusiasts worldwide.

How to backup and restore Linux Terminal history

Linux Terminal comes with a handy feature called "history." Every command entered in the terminal gets saved in a file called ".bash_history." A history file is created for each user and can be found in the user's home directory, for example, "/home/username/.bash_history."

Ubuntu 19.10 to use LZ4 compression to boot even faster

After extensive testing on a variety of compression options on the Ubuntu installation image, Canonical engineers determined that the LZ4 decompression method provided a most appreciable gain in speed.

Top 5 advanced uses of ‘locate’ command in Linux

You can find files by filename using the "locate" command. The command is fast because the background on your system constantly finds and stores new files in a database is a background process. This article shows you top uses of this handy command.

7 Best Ways to Kill Unresponsive Programs in Linux

For dealing with a frozen app or desktop, you can't use the CTRL+ALT+DEL in Linux system. Instead, there are powerful alternatives that come in handy in frustrating situations. We pick the best methods available for you.

Manjaro Linux takes it to the next level

Manjaro is taking their popular Linux distro to the next level with the creation of a separate business entity, Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG,

How to install Manjaro 18.04 on Oracle VirtualBox 6.0

This article drives you through setting up Manjaro Linux distro on VirtualBox. It's an Arch-based Linux OS using the XFCE desktop environment for its flagship variant, so it is abnormally lightweight for a Linux OS, an excellent characteristic for any VM

Librem 5 Linux phone starts shipping on September 24th

Fasten your seatbelts as you can get your hands on Librem 5 Linux Phones starting from the 24th of this month. For those of you who haven't yet discovered this series of phones, let FOSSLinux be your Google for today.