How to install Ubuntu in VirtualBox on Windows PC

Windows users that are looking to use Linux or at least try it out for the first time may seem at a loss on how to go about doing it. The first thought is that a user would need a separate machine just for the Linux software or that they would need to replace Windows with Linux on their Windows machine.

How to fix Ubuntu not updating issue due to the broken packages

Have you ever faced a broken package error while updating Ubuntu? Do you know that Apt (which is Ubuntu's most famous and powerful package manager) has a built-in function that can help you solve this situation and get things back to its normal state? Let's show you how.

How to change or spoof a MAC Address in Ubuntu and Linux Mint

When connecting to external Wi-Fi networks, privacy is required. By changing your MAC address, you can make sure that no one can trace or track you. Let's see how to do it.

How to install NFS Server and Client on Ubuntu

In this article, we will cover installing NFS on both server and client computers, allowing you to share your files or directories from one Ubuntu machine to another.

How to install Minecraft on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

IIn this article, we are going to show how to install Minecraft on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or any other Debian based distribution. The installation procedure is pretty simple and requires the installation of some additional packages.

5 Best Application Launchers for Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the most used Linux distributions worldwide. It is also the reason why it has the maximum number of available programs for itself. Today we are going to talk about one category of those programs, the application launchers.

How to install Dropbox and setup sync on Ubuntu

Dropbox is one of the most popular and powerful online file hosting services. When you drag some files/directories to your Dropbox directory on your computer, those files/directories will be synchronized automatically to your online cloud account and any other linked devices to your account.

Linux Mint 19.2 “Tina” Beta released, here are the new features

The BETA version of Linux Mint 19.2 is here, and it accompanies updated software and new features.

Debian Edu 10 released as a complete Linux solution for schools

After a few days of the release of the new Debian, the makers announce Debian Edu 10 that comes with updated software and new features. Here's what's new.

How to downgrade packages and apps on elementary OS

No always all app and package upgrades go smooth. Sometimes the upgraded app may lead to adverse effects. We will show you how to downgrade an already installed package on elementary OS. Two different but easy methods can be used to perform the downgrade process.

FreeBSD 11.3 officially released with enhancements and updated apps

With an upgraded kernel and userland, FreeBSD 11.3 is now available for the general audience.

Linux Kernel 5.2 released, here is what’s new

Despite the busy schedule of Linus Torvalds, we're still getting a significant release in Linux Kernel 5.2 instead of just a release candidate. Here are the new features.

Debian 10 is here with updated software and enhancements

The Debian Project announces the release of Debian 10, codenamed buster, with five years of support. The highly anticipated Debian 10 release took two years in the making.

Whonix 15 with extensive changes and new features officially released

Say hello to the new Whonix 15 that is based on the Debian 10 distribution (also known as buster).

How to play Spotify from the command-line in the terminal with Librespot

Spotify music service supports the Linux operating system with the help of Snap, Flatpak, and Ubuntu applications. The app doesn't work well on PCs with minimal resources.

LibreOffice 6.2.5 is here with a lot of bug fixes, download now

The fifth maintenance update of the latest LibreOffice 6.2 has just been released and it solves a number of issues the users have previously reported.