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Nutty – A network monitoring app for Linux

After the internet revolution, it's important to be connected with the cyber world to get things done. Skipping the complicated intricacies of how the internet works, on a personal level, we connect to the internet through various ways, like WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) or Wi-Fi to put it simply, or some kind of a wired connection to a router, or in some cases, cellular networks.

GNS3 – Network simulator to configure virtual networks on Linux

Nowadays, Network Engineers and students studying for their CCNP, CCNA, CCIE, etc., make use of network simulation software to run topologies and interact with sophisticated network devices. One of the popular network simulation software in the market is GNS3.

Whatever – Lightweight Evernote App for Linux

Organizing and managing day-to-day tasks or assignments has never been easy. Currently, there are several applications available in the market to help you organize your tasks. They come along with various features like note-taking, listing, sketching, etc. 

Wine 5.4 out now with better support for text drawing and Direct2D

Straight from the WineHQ, we got to know that the newest Wine 5.4 development release is finally here, and it comes with many new features and bug fixes.

PMD – Source code analyzer to find programming flaws

Writing code has never been an easy task. Most of the applications in the market have hundreds of lines of code. An example is one of the most popular games, Minecraft, which has at least 4,815,162,342 lines of code.

Pencil2D : Open-source 2D animation app for Linux

Pencil2D is an opensource and cross-platform application that enables you to create 2D hand-drawn animations. It makes use of both bitmap and vector graphics.

TeXstudio: Open-source LaTeX text editor for Linux

LaTeX is widely used to display text with mathematical notations. Since it is so important, there have to be programs dedicated to editing text files with LaTeX. We're going to talk about one such program today, TeXstudio, which can be perceived as an IDE of sorts for LaTeX.

GImageReader: An open-source PDF app with OCR capability

gImagereader is a front-end application for the Tesseract OCR engine. For those new to Tesseract, it is an Optical Character Recognition Engine (OCR) that makes use of artificial intelligence to search and recognize printed text on images. It's an opensource library and one of the most popular OCR engines in the market.