Linux Apps

Are you looking for an app for your Linux system? We have already reviewed plenty of apps, mainly free and open-source software (FOSS) from various categories, including System Tools, Desktop enhancements apps, Multimedia editors, and more. The list is growing as you read this!

BRL‑CAD : Open-Source Solid Modeling CAD Software

The new revolutionary technology accessible to almost everyone is arguably 3D printing technology. All that is needed is a couple of files describing the structure and dimensions of the required object with precision, provide the input to a 3D printer, and there you have it, a real-life model of that very object. The integral software part here is the modeling program that is to be used for designing the model.

How to install Signal Private Messenger on Linux

The loudest silent rule in the Linux community when dealing with any cool Linux app, feature, or service is review then install. The freedom granted to the Linux community in terms of free software comes at a cost of complete caution. Lucky for us, no Linux user is too comfortable to be unaware of what is going on with the apps or services hosted by their machine. One such app that has caught the eye of many users in the Linux community is the Signal Private Messenger.

The 10 Best Linux Remote Desktop Tools

Remote Desktop tools are essential if you want access to resources or services from another PC that is not in the same physical location as you. Say, for example, you are on a camping trip but wish to remotely access your work machine. This remote machine can be in your office desktop computer or laptop with updates on what is happening in your work environment.

The 10 Best Open Source Firewalls for Linux

Before going through the list of open-source firewalls, you may want to know in detail what is a Linux Firewall, how it works, and what it does for you in our detailed Linux Kernel article.

How to install Nvidia Drivers on Fedora Workstation

The reputation of NVIDIA drivers is not a new concept to the world of operating systems. Experienced gamers will be quick to breakdown the properties and specs that made them go with these drivers. However, the experience provided by these custom-tailored drivers does not just side them with gamers alone but also DLCs (Downloadable Content) and patches for creative applications.

Top 10 Unix Based Operating Systems

In the first computing universe, there was only Unix. Unix then thought it was unfair to exist alone and executed its ancestral privileges that led to the creation of other awesome operating systems. We can trace every other operating system that exists back to Unix's original DNA. The only exceptions here might be the Windows NT-operating system that is under Microsoft.

How to play Dark Souls III on Linux

Dark Souls III is an RPG (Role Playing Games) video game available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. First released in Japan in March 2016, Dark Souls III had a considerable market acceptance, and a month later, the game was available worldwide. It is the fourth game in the Soul series and the final release of the Dark Souls Trilogy.

Top 5 Linux Server Malware and Rootkits Scanners

The theory that convinced most of us to join the Linux OS universe is its impenetrable nature. We were excited that using a Linux Operating system did not require us to have an anti-virus installed on our systems. As the latter statements might be true, we should be careful of using too many sweeteners to build up assumptions about the Linux operating system security metrics. We would not want to deal with any diabetic outcomes in the practical world.