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Top 20 must-have apps for your Ubuntu PC

OK, this one is going to be a long one, so grab a cup of coffee and scroll through the best apps that we think are must-have for your Ubuntu PC. We have hand-picked each one of these considering the most common categories that suit an average Linux user.

Installing and setting up Plex Media Server on Ubuntu

Enjoy streaming your multimedia content from a single source (Plex Media Server) to a variety of devices including mobile devices, streaming media players, and PCs. Plex Media Server is a cross-platform multimedia application for managing and streaming your media. It scans and organizes your media, and then lets you stream it to all your devices.

Ubuntu 20.04 release date, new features, and more

The next big thing for Ubuntu is the release of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, codenamed "Focal Fossa." The development of this release was officially kickstarted in October 2019. You can find our post here.

Installing VMware Workstation Player on Ubuntu

VMware Workstation Player is one of the widely used virtualization desktop applications that you can use to create virtual machines. Unlike VirtualBox, it is not an open-source application, but it is mostly used in the work environment.

A brand-new desktop theme in works for Ubuntu 20.04

As we get closer to the release of Ubuntu 20.04, we're finding out more and more information about how the new operating system update would look like. From what we've learned thus far, there's a new desktop theme in the works that will give the users a fresh look and feel of Ubuntu.

How to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu

Ubuntu ships with Firefox as the default web browser. If you were trying to install Google Chrome from the official Ubuntu software center, then it will not work as Chrome is not an open-source application. You may find the Chromium browser which is stripped open-source version of the Chrome browser.

How to create an Ubuntu Live USB drive using command-line

Do you know that you can create an Ubuntu Live USB from your terminal? If you are a command-line geek who loves to do everything using the terminal and don't like installing a third-party app for creating a live USB drive, you have landed in the correct place!

Offline way of installing Apps on your Ubuntu PC

Installing the apps offline comes handy at times when you want to deploy the same app in multiple machines or when you have a lousy internet connection. Today, we show you an option to install apps while you are offline by using a free app, Camicri Cube.