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Fedora 32 release date, new features, and more

After Fedora 32 Beta was deemed unready for release last week during the initial Fedora 32 Beta "Go/No-Go" meeting.  However, just 24 hours later, the Fedora developers reconvened and determined that all bugs had been successfully addressed.  As such, the beta release is now scheduled for release on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

How to configure a static IP address on Fedora

Each system administrator should be aware of the importance of providing a static IP to a Fedora workstation. You can connect and remotely control your PC from a set IP address from any corner of the world. This is just the tip of what most people do.

How to install Google Chrome on Fedora

Fedora comes with Firefox as the default web browser. If you prefer Google Chrome, we've got this tested guide to show you a few ways. The first process shows installing Chrome from the Fedora repository and the next one suggests downloading the Chrome app from Google servers.

How to install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Fedora

The VirtualBox Guest Additions Package improves and enhances your Virtual Machine's performance in the VirtualBox. It supports mouse pointer integration and a shared clipboard between the Linux VM and your host machine.

Upgrading Fedora 30 to Fedora 31 Workstation

Fedora 31 is a much-needed update and if you haven't got a chance to checkout its features, you can know from this link. As usual, you can install Fedora 31 as a fresh installation or upgrade from a previous Fedora release.

How to install Fedora in a dual-boot setup with Windows

This guide assists you on how to install Fedora 30 in a dual-boot with Windows. Installing Fedora 30 in a dual boot mode with Microsoft Windows does not require any special configurations.

How to install Google Fonts on Fedora

Did you want to add some style to your documents or maybe create a beautiful banner on Gimp? You will need some stylish fonts to jazz it up a bit. In this tutorial, we are going to walk you through installing Google Fonts on Fedora by using the following two methods.

How to install Cinnamon Desktop on Fedora

Fedora workstation comes with a GNOME desktop installed. If you do not prefer the GNOME look and would like to try Linux Mint's Cinnamon desktop, you can install it on your Fedora too. Let's show you how.