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How to downgrade Programs in Linux Mint

Updating the programs is a great way to keep your system top notch with all the new toys and tricks. Updates are significant. They provide new features, features you think are amazing, and often comes with revamped interfaces too.

How to update and upgrade Ubuntu or Linux Mint offline

Offline update and upgrade of your Ubuntu or Linux Mint system are useful especially when you have a bunch of PCs on the same network. You don't need to waste your internet bandwidth deploying updates and upgrades repeatedly for each PC.

How to Encrypt the Hard Disk Partitions with DM-crypt

In this tutorial, we are going to help you encrypt your hard disk partitions on Ubuntu and its derivatives, with easy and clear steps. Be careful when you are learning and doing it the first time. I recommend doing a trial of this tutorial on a small partition whose data is already backed up.

How to fix Linux Mint not updating issue due to the broken packages

This tutorial is about fixing Linux Mint not updating due to broken packages error. In this article, we are going to discuss the causes of broken packages, and show you how to fix them on Linux Mint.

Linux Mint Backup Tool Features and Usage

MintBackup has an elegant user interface and consumes less amount of system resources. It stores the backup in a .tar file. It is easy to configure and serves best if you're looking for is a simple backup creation program. Let's burn through its features and how to use it.

How to install and configure Squid Proxy in Ubuntu, Linux Mint

A proxy is necessarily a system that sits between your computer, and the server you want to connect to. By using a proxy server, the web traffic runs through the proxy server on its way to the target address on a different server. The request then returns through the target server via the same proxy server showing the website to you.

How to upgrade Linux Kernel in Ubuntu and Linux Mint

In this article, we are going to discuss two different methods to upgrade the Ubuntu Linux Kernel. The below guide is tested to be working in Ubuntu but should also work on Linux Mint without any issues.

Linux Mint to get a huge performance boost using multiple processes

We have been receiving reliable reports that the developers of Linux Mint are currently working on improving the Ubuntu-based operating system in terms of...