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Taking command-line power user’s ZSH for a spin – no shell game here

In today's article, we'll take an in-depth look at the zsh shell, as it is growing increasingly popular with the *Nix community.  Earlier this year, Apple announced that starting with the macOS 10.15 Catalina, zsh should serve as the OS's default shell, replacing bash, used by Apple since the macOS X 10.3 Panther, first released in October 2003.

How to search Wikipedia by command-line on Ubuntu

Querying Wikipedia by command line via Ubuntu's Terminal is great fun. Today, I'm going to show you just that by using a free utility called wikipedia2text. This command-line utility queries the search term from the Wikipedia website and displays the result in the form of text within the Terminal.

How to repair the GRUB bootloader using a Ubuntu Live USB drive

Ubuntu Live CD or a USB drive comes in handy at times when something goes wrong. You can do things like recovering data, check for hard disk errors, or even restore the Grub bootloader.

How to create and edit text files using command-line from Linux Terminal

In today's Terminal Tuts session, we shall show you several ways of creating and editing text files that can be done easily and quickly using the command line.

How to download files using command-line in Ubuntu Terminal

One of the usual daily tasks is downloading files. Using the command line, you can easily carry out this task quickly.

Tmux takes your Linux terminal to a whole new level

tmux is a terminal multiplexer. It allows several terminals to be created, accessed, and managed from a single screen. It also can perform some cool functions. Read on for more information.

6 Essential Command-Line Utilities Every Linux User Should Know

Last week, we shared with you several "cool and fun" commands to get comfortable and confident with the Linux command-line. In our quest to further aid Linux users with mastery of the command line, or CLI, we present you with a variety of command-line utilities essential for all Linux users, regardless of proficiency level.

How to customize your Ubuntu terminal prompt

Here, we're going to explain how users can customize the look of their Ubuntu Terminal. The final part of this article can be used in any other distribution as well.