Top 10 Reasons Why to Use Linux

Linux initially started as the OS of choice for servers, but not so much for PCs. However, that has drastically changed over the years, and currently, in 2021, Linux is more than capable of replacing the Mac or Windows installation on your desktop.

Top 20 Things You Can Also Do On Linux

Contrary to the assumption that Linux is only for geeks and it's a boring OS, we would like to bust this myth and list the top things you can also do on Linux. At the end of the article, you will know what Linux can do for you and the reason to use it for everyday computing.

The 10 Best Secure Private Email Services for Privacy

The innovative strides of email services came as a faster alternative for the postal services. However, it does not imply that the growing use and embrace of email services have contributed postal services to the messaging world obsolete, for not all messages are transmitted through words.

The 10 Best Linux Remote Desktop Tools

Remote Desktop tools are essential if you want access to resources or services from another PC that is not in the same physical location as you. Say, for example, you are on a camping trip but wish to remotely access your work machine. This remote machine can be in your office desktop computer or laptop with updates on what is happening in your work environment.

The 10 Best Open Source Firewalls for Linux

Before going through the list of open-source firewalls, you may want to know in detail what is a Linux Firewall, how it works, and what it does for you in our detailed Linux Kernel article.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Fedora Workstation

What is a Fedora workstation, if you may ask? If an operating system can be described as powerful, user-friendly, and reliable, then by default, we have found the first clue to this puzzle. The Fedora workstation is not just built for developers. In a corporate environment, it is also ideal for both professionals and students. It also extends a welcoming hand to hobbyists that seek to explore its design architecture and functional process.

The 10 Best Website Creation Tools (Open Source CMS)

With the World Wide Web's flexibility mapping every idea, business, and hobby on the internet, the need for a website has become mandatory. A website is a remote mirror that gives both perspective and access to what the world offers. Purchasing a website creation service is one thing and having the ability to create one is another thing.

Top 5 Linux Phones for Privacy in 2020

Albeit the fact that technological advancements are a good thing, it's tough to deny that our data is becoming more vulnerable with each day. This could be attributed to how some operating systems aren't giving enough attention to privacy or malware, phishing, and viruses becoming more powerful with time.