Arun Kumar


Arun did his bachelor in computer engineering and loves enjoying his spare time writing for FOSS Linux. He uses Fedora as the daily driver and loves tinkering with interesting distros on VirtualBox. He works during the day and reads anything tech at night. Apart from blogging, he loves swimming and playing tennis.

Latest Articles

How to install and use Slimbook Battery Saver on Ubuntu

Linux systems can be optimized into having longer battery usage, courtesy of Slimbook battery saver. Slimbook battery saver is an open-source tool which was created by the Slimbook hardware manufacturer (Manufactures and sells laptops running on Linux based operating systems). It is effective in GNOME, KDE, Cinnamon, Unity, and MATE desktop environment.

Top 11 New Features of KDE Plasma 5.20

The long wait is finally over. KDE Plasma Desktop 5.20 is released and now available to the masses for download. The KDE team describes Plasma Desktop 5.20 release as an "absolutely massive one." Released on October 13, 2020, the KDE Plasma Desktop comes loaded with many features. That is quite expected considering the four months of development poured into these releases. For KDE Neon users, Plasma Desktop 5.20 is already available for download.

Linux Kernel 5.9: What’s New and How to Upgrade

The Linux Kernel 5.9 is now out and available for the masses. Like any other release, Kernel 5.9 introduces fantastic features along with updated drivers. The development of Linux kernel 5.9 started about two months ago when Linus Torvalds announced the first release candidate (RC) milestone.

How to install GUI to Ubuntu Server

Most server operating systems, including the Ubuntu Server, don't come with a Graphical User Interface. The main reason behind these is that the GUI takes much of the system resources to run essential server tasks. However, that doesn't mean you can install a GUI on your Ubuntu server.

Fedora 33 Review: What’s New and How to Upgrade

Fedora 33 Beta, a Red Hat-sponsored community project, is released. It is a pre-release of the Fedora 33 Stable version, which will be available to the masses in the last week of October. Fedora 33 release has triggered excitement among Linux users with its significant shift from the ext4 filesystem to btrfs and other unique new features.

How to Manage Startup Programs on Ubuntu

On booting your Linux Operating System, the basic functionality's services are loaded immediately to the Linux Kernel and continue to run until the login screen appears. On logging-in, other services, including the desktop programs, are loaded. These are called 'startup applications' or 'startup programs.' We are not referring to services like the network manager; we talk of programs like Skype, torrent clients, browsers, and other such programs.

How to use Ctrl+Alt+Del to launch Task Manager on Ubuntu

If you have used the Windows operating system, you have probably used Ctrl + Alt + Del combination to launch the task manager. By default pressing the keyboard shortcut keys, CTRL+ALT+DEL in the Ubuntu system prompts a logout dialogue box of the GNOME desktop environment.

Top 20 Linux Terminal Commands to try for a Beginner

Linux Terminal commands may give an impression of being complex to use for a beginner, but as you learn, you realize how easy, powerful, and effective they are. Tasks that could undergo multi-step processes through GUI can be executed quickly by typing commands into the terminal.