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I'm Editor of FOSS Linux. I worked as a Software Engineer, before taking up blogging as my full-time job. I enjoy using Linux, and can't imagine anything else for my PC. Apart from writing for FOSS Linux, I enjoy reading non-fictional books. Sapiens was my favorite last read. Hope you enjoy reading and using this blog to enhance your Linux experience! Have a great day ahead!

Latest Articles

Top 5 advanced uses of ‘locate’ command in Linux

You can find files by filename using the "locate" command. The command is fast because the background on your system constantly finds and stores new files in a database is a background process. This article shows you top uses of this handy command.

Top 5 advanced uses of ‘Find’ command (used by Hackers)

In this tutorial, we help you master the use of 'Find' command in Linux through the top five secret uses of 'Find' command. Starting with a bit advance use of 'find' we should move to the advance execution.

Top 5 uses of GREP command in Linux

In this article, I explain, how can you optimize your day-to-day task, increase the chances of getting hired, and most importantly, how to save precious hours of your life. 'grep' command is the prime weapon in the war zone of Linux. Once you master the GREP command, you should get the tons of benefits out of it.