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I'm the Editor of FOSS Linux. I worked as a Software Engineer before taking up blogging as my full-time job. I enjoy using Linux, and can't imagine anything else for my PC. Apart from writing for FOSS Linux, I enjoy reading non-fictional books. Sapiens was my favorite last read. I hope you enjoy reading and using this blog to enhance your Linux experience! Have a great day ahead!

Latest Articles

How to disable Bluetooth (and enable it) on your Linux PC

You can turn off Bluetooth by clicking on the Bluetooth icon that can be generally found on a panel, but the problem is it turns itself back ON after reboot. Here is how to disable it permanently. Don't worry, we also show you how to enable it back when needed.

How to install Google Chrome on MX Linux

MX Linux is a Debian-based Linux distro and uses the Xfce desktop environment. The distro is popular mainly due to its MX Tools utility, which is a compilation of several GUI-based tools that come in handy to get things done or even for fixing issues quickly. It ships with Firefox as the default web browser. This beginner's guide shows how to install the Google Chrome Browser by GUI and command-line ways.

Linux Mint 20: New features, Release date, and more

Linux Mint, the highly popular Ubuntu-based distro, is on the verge of getting its next LTS (Long Term Support) release. Similar to the past four LTS releases, this one too will come in three editions - Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce.

Pop!_OS 20.04 – New features and how to upgrade

System76, the maker of premium Linux laptops and desktops, has released a Beta version of their flagship Pop!_OS, a Ubuntu-based Linux distro. This testing release launches a new Pop!_Shell auto tiling feature, new shortcuts for its Workspaces, and Flathub software repository.

Deepin 20 beta out now, here are the new features

Deepin, the Debian based Linux distro that has captivated Linux lovers with its clean and chic looking user interface, now has a Beta version released. This Beta release, which comes nearly a year after its last release 15.11 in July 2019, brings significant enhancements to its widely acclaimed graphical user interface. What's more, it comes with updated Kernel, and the latest Debian 10 included.

How to install Google Chrome on Zorin OS

Chrome is Google's proprietary browser. You can't find it in Zorin's Software Center. This tutorial shows you how to install Google Chrome on your Zorin OS by graphical user interface (GUI) method as well as by the command-line way using the Terminal app.

EndeavourOS, an Arch Linux based distro gets major updates

EndeavourOS, the lightweight and lean Arch Linux based distro, has a new April 2020 release with some new features and improvements. This new release includes a universal ISO boot, an enhanced version of Calameres, the system installer framework that comes shipped with the distro, a new mirror for repo, and some new in-house developed apps to boost the EndeavourOS experience.

OpenLung, an open-source Ventilator to combat COVID-19

A group of volunteers is presenting their design for an open-source ventilator that can be manufactured in a short period using economical parts. It's called the OpenLung project, which combines and utilizes the expertise around the world to come up with a design that can be mass-produced using certified components. Read on for more details.