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Hi! I'm Zohaib Ahsan, contributor to FOSS Linux. I'm studying computer science, I’ve learned a thing or two about operating systems that are based on Linux. This has made me join FOSS Linux where I can share what I have learned with the rest of the world. Not to mention — some major tea is going to be spilled as well — as I share with you the latest developments in the world of Linux.

Latest Articles

Leap 15.1 just dropped with multiple new features and improvements

The development team of the famous Linux-based operating system, namely the openSUSE community, has announced the release of Leap 15.1.

System76 releases Pop!_OS 19.04 based on Ubuntu 19.04

Pop!_OS 19.04 is out now! And, it's based on the newest version of Ubuntu, namely Disco Dingo. This operating system is Ubuntu-based, but it comes with a catch: a minimalistic desktop environment. For this reason, it's perfect for people who are not quite fascinated by clutter, such as software developers and computer science professionals.

SuperTuxKart 1.0 Open-Source Linux Racing Game Released

Gaming enthusiasts should be all ears right now as SuperTuxKart 1.0 has just been dropped with a variety of new features and improvements. It is also worth mentioning that this version took 12 years in the making, so the players are probable to see significant changes in the gameplay.

KDE Applications 19.04 released and here’s what’s new in it

KDE is a desktop environment for Linux. It is available with almost every Linux distro and increasingly in cross-distro packages. Today, the development team have announced the release of KDE Applications 19.04 version.

Linux Lite 4.4 released, here are the new features

Linux Lite version 4.4 is here! The official Linux Lite website has announced the release of the newest version of their Linux distro. This RC release puts an end to the beta releases once and for all. Linux Lite users will also find many small changes in this new version.

Avidemux – Video Editor for Cutting, Filtering, and Encoding

Well, let me introduce you to Avidemux then. Its main functions include cutting, filtering, and encoding, which we'll discuss in a bit more detail in this article. It is also worth mentioning that just like every other software discussed at FOSSLinux, you can get Avidemux for free.

GNOME 3.32 released, here are the new features

GNOME Foundation has announced the release of GNOME 3.32. Apart from the regular bug fixes, users should see a bunch of new features since this update is the outcome of 6 months of hard work by the development team. Now coming to the new features of GNOME 3.32, you can spot a number of them just by looking at the new, modern look of your desktop. The following changes should be noticed:

Linux Kernel 5.0 released with FreeSync support and more new features

Linux Kernel has received a brand new update with a number of fancy features, some of which were already being anticipated.