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Linux apps can now access Android devices over USB with Chrome OS 75

by Zohaib Ahsan
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Chrome OS 75 is now available for supported Chromebooks and comes with several new features and security improvements.

Last week, the Chrome OS fans were blessed with an update in Chrome v75.0.3770.102 (Platform version: 12105.75.0). It is worth mentioning that the developers are actively working on improving the support for Linux applications with each update. Considering this, the main highlight of this version is that it enables Linux apps to access Android devices via USB. There are some other new features as well, but first, let’s talk a bit about the operating system itself.

Google is the mastermind behind the Chrome operating system, which is based on the Linux kernel. This OS originates from the free Chromium OS, and its user interface is just like that of a Google Chrome browser. Accordingly, the software aims for web applications.

Main Features

As mentioned in the official blog post from the Chrome team, the new Chrome OS will come with the following fundamental changes:

Increased Parental Control

After receiving this update, parents will be able to manage better the amount of time their kids spend on their Chromebook devices. It can be seen that the developers are aware of the fact that their target demographic also includes children in that they have introduced an assistant that has been specially designed for kids.

Improved Files App

Installing the Chrome OS 75 will allow the Files app on your system to connect to external file provider apps all thanks to the Android DocumentProvider APIs.

Access to Android Devices through USB

Although the other features are important too, this is the addition that will attract the most eyes to the product. Once you’ve updated to the latest Chrome OS version, your Linux apps will be able to communicate with Android devices via USB. It is big news even though this feature is still in its developmental stages.

Enhanced Security

With an emphasis on security, the new update will safeguard your native printers from unwanted access through PIN code authentication. In addition to that, the developers have also focused on reducing the hardware vulnerabilities of the newest Intel MDS.


The Chrome operating system is based on a unique concept considering its purpose and user interface. With that being said, this update brings a bunch of other stuff to the table that will help increase the efficiency of this product. Your system should update to this new version by itself, but in case you want to update manually, go the settings page and click ‘About Chrome OS’ from where your system will update on its own to this version.

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