KaOS 2019.07 just dropped with exciting new features

This operating system has been developed from scratch and mainly focuses on KDE and Qt.

With much anticipation, the KaOS team has released KaOS 2019.07 with a new stable ISO and other features as well.

For those readers who are discovering KaOS right now, let’s have a quick introduction! This operating system has been developed from scratch and mainly focuses on KDE and Qt, which explains why it comes with LibreOffice and other KDE software. Also, the fact that it is being mentioned on FOSSLinux makes it self-explanatory that it is based on the Linux kernel.

Earlier this week, there was an official announcement regarding the release of the July version of KaOS accompanying new features, updates, and security fixes. The major changes can be found in the operating system’s core, desktop environment, installation procedures, and office suite.

What’s new?

New Foundation

The main point of this update lies within KDE Applications 19.04.2 and KDE Frameworks 5.59.0 that accompany it. Besides, the new KaOS considers Qt4 as obsolete and only supports Qt5-based applications. It is also worth mentioning that the base of the system is now powered by Linux 5.1.15, Qt 5.13.0, GStreamer 1.16.0, Nano 4.3, NetworkManager 1.18.1, Poppler 0.78.0, Xorg-server 1.20.5, Proj 6.0.0, Krb5 1.17, Iptables 1.8.3, ICU 64.2, 1.69.0 and Glib2 2.60.4.

Updated Desktop Environment

The new KaOS will bring with it the latest version of Plasma Desktop (i.e., v5.16.2), which comes with a brand new notification system that provides a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode and better notification handling based on the user’s history. Moreover, essential notifications can now be displayed in full-screen applications as well.

Plasma v15.16.2 also offers an improved Task Manager with more organized context menus and enhanced privacy as a microphone icon will be shown in the system tray whenever any app records your audio.

Improved Installer

KaOS’ installer, better known as Calamares, has gone through a significant overhaul. Accordingly, this universal graphical installer takes care of legal issues concerning the Nvidia proprietary graphics drivers by allowing you to skip the NVidia license for use in non-free install mode.

Furthermore, Croeso (built by KaOS itself) will also be a part of this update. After a fresh install, what this software will do is that it assists with the configuration of the new system and adjustment of some key settings.

Other Features

  • In place of Calligra, LibreOffice v6.2.0 will be the default office suite for the new KaOS.
  • Light and dark themes will come with custom icon sets.
  • Partition layouts can be validated with the help of the Partition module.
  • The Welcome module now supports GeoIP lookups, which will assist with language selections.


The July update was an apparent attempt to change the face of KaOS. With a bunch of changes in the base and UI of the operating system, its users are bound to get a fresh experience out of their systems. If the features mentioned above excite you, then why not try the new KaOS yourself?

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