Clear Linux launches a new documentation website

Clear Linux OS is an open-source, performance-optimized, rolling Linux distribution, from Cloud to Edge, intended for customization and manageability. They have a revamped documentation website that is modern and supports various languages and multiple versions.

Clear Linux fans will now be able to have better access to more information about the operating system as Clear Linux announces a new and improved documentation website.

New Linux users can be somewhat unfamiliar with the Clear Linux Project. Accordingly, let FOSSLinux give a brief introduction of this wonderful operating system. Powered by Intel, the Clear Linux OS is a Linux-based, rolling-release distro that has its eyes set on providing optimal performance and security. Other than that, users will also find this operating system to be manageable and customizable.

Now that we’re done with its introduction let’s get to the actual news. The new Clear Linux documentation site is based on a Sphinx/reST framework and uses the Read-The-Docs theme, which you will find on most of the documentation sites out there. With this, it can be seen that Clear Linux wants to stay in the same lane as its competition.

All thanks to the new documentation site, it will be easier for users to take advantage of the documentation features and functionality fully.

The new documentation site is different in several ways, which include the new “Edit on Github” button that you will find on all pages. By pressing this button, users will be taken to the GitHub page of the relevant documentation note. They’ll be able to propose changes in case they see any mistakes.

Edit with GitHub
Edit with GitHub

The Clear Linux Documentation team has opted for the Read-The-Docs theme for their new site. With this, the website will have a responsive design and look more modern.

RTD modern
RTD modern

Another noteworthy change is that the site will now have better code-block rendering and navigation buttons. Also, users will find simpler Get Started, Tutorials, and Guides pages.

The new documentation site also supports various languages and multiple versions. Thus, users can access this option from the bottom-left of the navigation panel.


Although this can be termed as a minor change, it shows that Clear Linux is on the right path and wants to improve anything that they can get their hands on. And you can get to know more about this news from the Clear Linux official website, but if you want to check out the new documentation site itself, click this link.

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