deepin shows off gorgeous V20 launcher and taskbar – watch out Microsoft and Apple!

While there is not yet a scheduled date for the release of deepin v20, rumor has it that the beta of v20 should drop sometime next month. 

deepin has come a long way in its 15-year history.  Based on Debian (stable branch), the open-source Linux distro is widely hailed as the “eye candy” of Linux distros, with many users claiming that it is even better looking than Windows or macOS.

Their recent release of the deepin v20 launcher preview on has Linux lovers abuzz and in awe.  Somehow the deepin developers have made the aesthetically pleasing OS even more so.  Who knew this was even possible?

My initial impression is that deepin v20 has taken the Linux desktop to a new level, on par with Windows and Apple OSs, alike.  The sleek interface and seamless, streamlined desktop flow flawlessly and beautifully.

However, don’t just take my word for it.  Based solely on the preview released by deepin, reviews from the internet are overwhelmingly positive.

“If we can get rid of the title bars from applications which just looks ugly and is a waste of screen space it would be de most beautiful de ever. Look how it is made in Windows. Looking forward to v20.”
“Omg.. this is next level.”
“Man…. This is the most beautiful desktop OS. There’s no way to argue with that.”
“I really like the interface. It’s the first time Linux give me a feeling that it’s actually a viable desktop solution.”
Other distros such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Manjaro, and others should also take notice.  deepin has raised the Linux distro game to the next level.  Not only must your distro be solid and fully functioning with indefectible hardware and software integration along with ease of use, you better make it look good, too.
As I was finishing this article and preparing for submission, deepin released another video that previews the deepin v20 Taskbar.  It is just as breathtaking, crisp, and clean as is the v20 launcher preview. Take a gander:

As of this writing, deepin enjoys a top ten ranking (ninth) on  This is no small accomplishment given that the distro did not even break into the top 100 until 2011, debuting at 87.  Based on the two previews released by deepin, the top five are right around the corner.

While there is not yet a scheduled date for the release of deepin v20, rumor has it that the beta of v20 should drop sometime next month.  Rest assured that FOSSLinux will keep an eye out and update our readers as soon as it’s on the streets.

Travis Rose
Hi, I'm M Travis Rose, a contributor to FOSS Linux. I have over thirty years of experience in the IT arena, at least fifteen of which has been working with Linux. I enjoy converting existing Windows users to the wonderful world of Linux. I guess you could call me a Linux-evangelist. Long live Linux!


  1. I ran deepin for a year almost and it is by far the most beautiful distro out there. I loved the fact that it is a roling distro. It was stable and their own apps very useful (love deepin terminal, -screenshot and -movie for example)
    The main problem I had with it was that the external application store apps gets updates very seldom (think Firefox, Thunderbird and so on) same goes for the kernel and [Nvidia] graphic drivers, I dont know about AMD drivers since I didnt use them. And I believe security updates too (at least it wasnt so obvious if and when they were installed) Otherwise that would be my distro instead of Kubuntu (which is the next most beautiful distro and somewhat resembles of deepin with the breeze theme and some tweaking of borders)

    • Hi, Juhat,

      You can’t deny that deepin is the most beautiful distro out there. I’ve never used it as my main distro, but have played with it in the past. As I don’t need the Nvidia drivers, that was not a concern for me, but the seldom updates troubled me, also, so I’m definitely “picking up what you’re putting down” there.

      I do like the deepin Desktop Environment and am currently installing it on a distro that seems to have much better support and speedier updates (Manjaro). I’ll be sure to get something out to our readers once completed.

      Thanks for checking in, and as always, thanks for reading!



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