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Hi, I'm M Travis Rose, a contributor to FOSS Linux. I have over thirty years of experience in the IT arena, at least fifteen of which has been working with Linux. I enjoy converting existing Windows users to the wonderful world of Linux. I guess you could call me a Linux-evangelist. Long live Linux!

Latest Articles

GhostBSD 20.01 released, here’s how to upgrade

The GhostBSD Team announced the release of GhostBSD 20.01.  In the official release announcement, GhostBSD Project founder Eric Turgeon said, "I am happy to announce the availability of GhostBSD 20.01 with some improvements made to the installer, mainly improvements to the way the installer UI deals with custom partitions involving GTP and UEFI."

5 Best Notepad++ Alternatives for Linux

Notepad++ has been the de facto standard for source code editors for nearly 16 years, almost since its creation in 2003.  For Windows users, that is.  For years, Linux users had no source code editor that compared to Notepad++ with all its bells and whistles, such as code folding, scripting, markup languages, syntax highlighting, auto-completion for programming (limited).

Wine 5.0 for Linux released with major gaming improvements

Today, the Wine Project officially released Wine 5.0 as stable for the Linux, macOS, Android (limited support), and FreeBSD platforms.  The announcement comes after a year of development by the Wine team comprising bi-weekly development releases.

Top 5 Linux Distros for Windows Users

When Microsoft initially released Windows 7 in October 2009, the software giant committed to providing ten years of support for its popular operating system.  The much-maligned Microsoft was true to their word, support for Windows 7 ended just yesterday a little over ten years after its release.

Linux Lite 4.8 released a day ahead of Windows 7 EOL

The timing of the release of Linux Lite 4.8 could not have been more perfect.  With Microsoft ending support for the popular Windows 7 operating system.  While the company hopes that existing Windows 7 users will upgrade to Windows 10, many users are reluctant to do so, tired of the copious amount of updates, not to mention their perception that the software giant's data collection methods are aggressive and dubious.  For these users, the newly released Linux Lite 4.8 is a tempting alternative.

Tails OS 4.2, featuring improved automatic updates, released

Earlier this week, the Tails Project released the newest version of their security-focused Linux distro, Tails 4.2.  They advised users to upgrade as soon as possible, as the latest release fixes multiple security vulnerabilities found in the previous version, Tails 4.1.1.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS “Focal Fossa” set to remove Python 2

As much of the world was celebrating a new year on January 1, 2020, Python 2 reached end-of-life.  Python 2's EOL, although expected since the official announcement from Guido van Russom, Python's principal author and creator back in 2014, has Ubuntu and Debian developers scrambling to end their distros dependencies on Python 2.

What is the difference between Linux and Unix?

When discussing Linux and Unix with average users, it's not uncommon that they will sometimes mistakenly interchange the terms Linux and Unix.  The two are not the same.  Though they share similarities in their overall structures and toolkits, they are decidedly not the same.