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Hi, I'm M Travis Rose, a contributor to FOSS Linux. I have over thirty years of experience in the IT arena, at least fifteen of which has been working with Linux. I enjoy converting existing Windows users to the wonderful world of Linux. I guess you could call me a Linux-evangelist. Long live Linux!

Latest Articles

ExTiX LXQt ‘Mini’, featuring Linux 5.6.2 released

Linux systems developer has Arne Exton announced 'a new mini edition of ExTiX - the ultimate Linux system. It is based on the upcoming Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa'.

Fedora 32 release date, new features, and more

After Fedora 32 Beta was deemed unready for release last week during the initial Fedora 32 Beta "Go/No-Go" meeting.  However, just 24 hours later, the Fedora developers reconvened and determined that all bugs had been successfully addressed.  As such, the beta release is now scheduled for release on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

APT 2.0 released with new features, performance improvements

APT 2.0 includes several new features, along with some performance and hardening improvements.  Also, the size of the APT library is significantly smaller now since Debian developers have removed "a lot of code" in APT 2.0.

Zorin OS 15.2 released, powered by Linux 5.3

Earlier this week, the Zorin Group announced the release of the latest version of their popular Ubuntu-based Linux distro, Zorin OS 15.2.

Canonical, Microsoft cancels onsite WSLConf, will now be online

FOSS Linux shared news of the first-ever Windows Subsystem for Linux Conference, or WSLConf, with our readers September last year. However, concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak have compelled the event's sponsor, Canonical, and host, Microsoft, to cancel the onsite event and instead hold the event as a virtual event.

Guide to adding Linux Symbolic Links

Years ago, when I first started with Linux and wore a younger man's clothes, one of the most challenging things for me to understand about Linux was the concept of symbolic links, and their use in the Linux environment.

Coronavirus wreaking havoc in the tech industry, including FOSS

The recent outbreak of the pneumonia-like illness caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), first detected in the central city of Wuhan in December 2019, is wreaking havoc on day-to-day life in China and it's citizens. It is also significantly impacting industries worldwide, most importantly, the tech industry.

MyPaint 2.0 released featuring Linear Compositing and Layers

Over the weekend, the MyPaint developers quietly released version 2.0 of their popular free and open-source raster graphics editor. For those new to MyPaint, let me quickly introduce in brief.