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System76 to design and manufacture their own Laptops

by Travis Rose
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System76 recently announced that they are following up on the success of its popular Thelio desktop with their very own laptops.  The Denver-based hardware manufacturer and Pop_OS! developer already offers a wide array of laptops for sale designed and manufactured by outside computer manufacturers such as Clevo and Sager.  This will be the company’s first foray into the world of laptop design and manufacturing.

It’s been a busy couple of years for System76.  Their desktop series, Thelio, featuring their Pop_OS! software rolled out in 2018, and more recently, Pop_OS! 19.10, their Ubuntu 19.10-based distribution, debuted earlier this year in October.

System76 CEO Carl Richell explains that the company’s first order of business in their newest venture is to lock down the aesthetic of the laptop and how various materials look and feel.   They will also simultaneously speak with display and component manufacturers and begin work on aspects of the supply chain.

System76 Is Jumping Into The Laptop Market

System76 Is Jumping Into The Laptop Market

The CEO is confident that System76’s experience in developing Thelio coupled with a recent investment in the factory at their Denver headquarters will enable them to build a laptop that meets market needs and carries a “unique value proposition.”  Richell says the company plans to put the same signature “stamp” on their laptops that adorn their custom-built Thelio desktops.

“Take what we did with desktop and how that expresses not just who we are but who our community is.  So Thelio is warm and inviting, wood grain and rounded corners, it’s not flashing lights at you. It’s kind of classy, clean, sharp,” explained Richell.

The CEO also pointed out that designing, prototyping, and duplication is time-consuming and could take two to three years.

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