phpMyAdmin 5.0.0 released with modern UI and new metro theme

phpMyAdmin is a handy tool that allows users to manage their MySQL and MariaDB databases in a more comfortable, better way with the help of a user interface panel.

A significant update of phpMyAdmin in version 5.0.0 is finally here, and users will now be able to get the taste of a new user interface along with various other features and enhancements.

Before we get to the news itself, let’s have a brief look at what this software is all about. phpMyAdmin is a handy tool that allows users to manage their MySQL and MariaDB databases in a more comfortable, better way with the help of a user interface panel. As you might have guessed from its name, PHP has been used to program this software.


Apart from that, users can also efficiently execute all SQL commands right from this tool. So, if you happen to have a website running on any of the databases mentioned above, phpMyAdmin is a must-have tool.

Now that we’ve discussed the core functionalities of this software, it’s about time we check out what the newest version of phpMyAdmin has in store for us.

What’s New

The main highlight of this update is undoubtedly the new metro theme that will give users a fresh look and feel of the software. For this release, it can be seen that the developers have focused on improving the user interface as they’ve done multiple relevant coding enhancements. With that being said, it is highly unlikely that users will notice these changes, but maintaining the code will indeed become more comfortable.

phpMyAdmin also allows users to be able to better view errors and export views. Also, if you run an UPDATE query without WHERE, the software will ask you for confirmation since this action can be a bit risky. Also, if you create an auto-increment column, the index will be added by itself.

There are two new keystrokes added to phpMyAdmin 5.0.0. This first one is Ctrl + u with which the console window can be cleared, and the other is Ctrl + i that lets you clear the line. Apart from these changes, the new phpMyAdmin will also inherit various functionalities from its 4.9 series.

With all these additions, the makers have declared obsolete some of the older versions of this software, which include 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, and HHVM. Accordingly, all phpMyAdmin users are recommended to update to the latest version if they’re looking for long-term support.


With the improved user interface offered by phpMyAdmin 5.0.0, web developers will be able to manage their databases with even less effort better. If these new features have gained your interest, you can download the new phpMyAdmin by clicking here. However, if you’d like to learn more about this release, the official release notes will be of help.

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