Google announces 200 open-source mentors for the 2020 GSoC event

In this year's edition of GSoC, there will be 200 mentoring organizations, including 30 new teams. Read on to find out more details of this open-source event.

With this year’s Google Summer of Code event right around the corner, the organizers considered this to be the perfect time to announce the mentoring organizations for the participants.

Google Summer of Code program is a coding event that takes place every Summer and is conducted by none other than the tech-giant Google itself, thus gathering a lot of attention from coders all over the world.

More specifically, the selected participants get paired with various open-source organizations to help improve their software and gain recognition and money in reward for their efforts. So, if you’re a coder who wants to learn more, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t put your skills to test and apply for this event.

In this year’s edition of GSoC, there are going to be 200 mentoring organizations, including 30 new teams. The selected mentors wouldn’t be any nobodies. So, at GSoC 2020, you’ll be seeing leading open-source projects such as Mozilla, KDE, GNOME, Gentoo, FreeBSD, Fedora, FFmpeg, Debian, Blender, VideoLAN, the GNU Project, and Pitivi.

GSoC 2020 Organizations
GSoC 2020 Organizations

Besides, there are several other mentors with the same amount of significance as the companies listed above, classified into categories including Cloud, Data and Databases, End User Applications, Multimedia/Virtual Reality. You can view them all by clicking this link.

The coders interested in this event will have a chance to get to learn a lot from these mentors, all while getting a handsome paycheck along the way. If the program has caught your attention as well, we should make sure whether you are eligible for it or not.

First of all, you have to be at least 18 years of age and also a student. And, that’s pretty much all it takes to apply for this program. However, you should note that Google will start accepting applications from 16th March to 31st March so that you don’t miss this opportunity. Speaking of how much money you’ll get, expect to be paid anything between $3-6.6 K, which depends on the purchasing power parity of the region you’re from.


With so many popular open-source mentors involved in GSoC 2020, programming students wouldn’t find a better platform to take their skills to the next level. For those interested, the official news source recommends learning more about GSoC, having a look at the Student Guide, reviewing the mentors, and sending applications to your favorite ones (in that order).

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