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ReactOS 0.4.13 released with new Explorer File Search

by Divya Kiran Kumar
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Before going into the details of the new release, let us know what ReactOS is all about. It is a free and open-source operating system built to be binary compatible with Windows Server 2003 and later versions of Windows computer programs and device drivers.

The OS is written in C and is a part of the FOSS ecosystem. Launched in the year 1996, the project is still in the Alpha stage and hence only meant for testing and tinkering purposes.

The company’s mission, as stated on their official website, says:

The ultimate goal of ReactOS is to allow you to remove Windows and install ReactOS without the end-user noticing the change.

What’s new in ReactOS 0.4.13

For starters, there is a new feature, some needed improvements to the USB stack and also the XBOX port, as well as speed improvements for booting.

Explorer File Search

The most notable change in this version is the implementation of a new feature in the graphical shell, also called the Explorer in ReactOS. Earlier, users had to turn to third-party applications to enhance the file search options in the Explorer.

Thanks to work done by a student named Brock Mammen during the Google Summer of Code 2019, ReactOS now has a new feature that lets users find the exact location of a file without resorting to a manual search or invoking some little known programs.


ReactorOS Explorer File Search

XBOX Port Improvements

Xbox enthusiasts, this one is for you. With this new version of ReactOS, you can boot your favorite OS on Xbox hardware. There was a time when you could do this because ReactOS always had an Xbox architecture port designed to boot it onto the Xbox console hardware specifically.

But over a while, the source code for this port was not maintained due to a lack of time and resources, which resulted in a broken port. Contributions from developers, including Stanislav Motylkov and Matt Borgerson, resolved the underlying issues and brought about some remarkable improvements.

Other Improvements

Some other noteworthy improvements include:

  • A new USB stack which brings in many fixes as well as enhancements
  • An optimized FAT driver of FreeLoader (ReactOS bootloader) which gives an impressive increase in boot speed

  • A new software module called the Accessibility Utility Manager that handles the accessibility applications of ReactOS.

In addition to the features mentioned above, there have also been other fixes and improvements. There has been some progress with the 64-bit version of ReactOS, which is now entirely booting and performing in an x64 environment.

You can download the latest version of ReactOS here.


With the new USB stack, an enhanced FAT driver from FreeLoader, and new software Accessibility Utility Manager added, this is a welcome update for the ReactOS users and helps the OS to move an inch closer towards the beta release. Those who want to delve deeper into every bit of this release can visit the official changelog, which is put together well in detail.

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