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Hi! I'm Hend Adel, a freelancer technical geek with successful experience in Database, Linux and many other IT fields. I help to build solutions to suit business needs and creating streamlined processes. I love Linux and I'm here to share my skills via FOSS Linux! Thanks for reading my article.

Latest Articles

How to install CouchPotato on Ubuntu

Downloading movies and copying them over to your home server can get frustrating, especially if you are doing it daily! What if you have an option to download videos automatically, quickly, and above all with excellent quality. CouchPotato allows you to download movies easily once they are available and released automatically.

How to Restart Networking on Ubuntu

Sometimes resetting your Ubuntu network is required to apply some network configurations like changing your IP from Automatic DHCP to static one. Restarting the network is not a big deal, but should be done carefully.

How to add users to Sudoers (and remove) on Ubuntu

Have you ever needed to view/edit a file or even open a directory that needs some administrative privileges? As a normal user, you will not be able to view or open or edit files and directories with administrative privileges. However, in Linux, you can perform any task that requires administrative rights using the sudo command.

The 3 Best Ways to Restart Ubuntu Server

The main difference between the Ubuntu Desktop version and the Server is that the Ubuntu Desktop is used for personal use. The Server edition can be used to serve up Applications, Websites, E-mail Servers, File shares, and more other services that can help expand the functionality of businesses.

How to set up an SFTP Server on Linux

When it comes to "file transfers", there are myriad ways to do it. We already covered a decent amount of methods, including transferring files between the Windows and Linux systems, FTP, or File Transfer Protocol to move files between various machines over the network. If you are looking for a more secure way of transfer data over the web, then you have to look at SFTP.

How to install Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu

Eclipse is a free and open-source IDE designed with an intuitive UI and powerful features like auto cleanup, import format, and code comparison. Let's install it on Ubuntu. If you are looking for a good IDE platform to design apps and manage code, then Eclipse IDE should be on your list.

Top 3 ways to lookup reverse DNS on Linux

Generally speaking, the forward Domain Name Server or DNS can be used to detect the associated IP address for a particular domain name. In contrast, the reverse Domain Name Server or "rDNS" is the process of determining the hostname associated with a given IP address. In other words, we can say that the reverse DNS will perform a reverse IP lookup.

How to append text to end of a file in Linux

Sometimes while working with text files, you just need to add new text at the end of the file without deleting its content. This operation is called appending in Linux. In other words, to append text to a file means adding text to the end of a file without overwriting the file content.