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Hi! I'm Hend Adel, a freelancer technical geek with successful experience in Database, Linux and many other IT fields. I help to build solutions to suit business needs and creating streamlined processes. I love Linux and I'm here to share my skills via FOSS Linux! Thanks for reading my article.

Latest Articles

Installing VMware Workstation Player on Ubuntu

VMware Workstation Player is one of the widely used virtualization desktop applications that you can use to create virtual machines. Unlike VirtualBox, it is not an open-source application, but it is mostly used in the work environment.

SED command usage in Linux with examples

SED command helps you in performing various tasks on a text file such as updating, deleting, searching and inserting text. One of the strong features is it supports using regular expressions. Also, it lets you edit files without even opening the file.

How to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu

Ubuntu ships with Firefox as the default web browser. If you were trying to install Google Chrome from the official Ubuntu software center, then it will not work as Chrome is not an open-source application. You may find the Chromium browser which is stripped open-source version of the Chrome browser.

How to find the Ubuntu version and details of your Linux system

In this beginner's guide, let's take a quick look at the ways to find the Ubuntu version you are running on your Linux PC. We will look at the command-line as well as the GUI ways of doing it.

How to configure a static IP address on Fedora

Each system administrator should be aware of the importance of providing a static IP to a Fedora workstation. You can connect and remotely control your PC from a set IP address from any corner of the world. This is just the tip of what most people do.

Guide to watching Disney+ on Linux

Disney Plus or Disney+ is an on-demand entertainment streaming service in which you should see the content produced by Disney Studios, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic. The service was launched on the 12th of November 2019.

How to install Google Chrome on Fedora

Fedora comes with Firefox as the default web browser. If you prefer Google Chrome, we've got this tested guide to show you a few ways. The first process shows installing Chrome from the Fedora repository and the next one suggests downloading the Chrome app from Google servers.

How to install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Fedora

The VirtualBox Guest Additions Package improves and enhances your Virtual Machine's performance in the VirtualBox. It supports mouse pointer integration and a shared clipboard between the Linux VM and your host machine.