Install Skype in Solus

How to install Skype in Solus

Skype for Linux is VOIP service that let's you make audio and video calls with your family and friends. When Skype is installed at...

How to create Solus live USB drive

Solus was launched in 2011 with Debian flavor. The team then decided to start from scratch rather than proceeding with the carryover development. Solus uses Budgie...
Solus Software Center

Solus to get brand new and super-fast Software Center

A much needed change in "Software Center" is coming soon to Solus. "Software Center" app which is used to download and install apps is actively being redesigned and revamped. Here's is what's new features coming in it!
Enable Automatic Login for an account

How to enable Auto-login for an user account in Solus &...

Most of Linux distros give you 'Auto-login' option while configuring the user account during the setup process. This option bypasses the login screen where the...
Android Studio and Android tools installation on Solus

How to install Android Studio and Android Tools on Solus

This guide is for all the Android developers who make new apps for Android smartphones, and also for end uses who do rooting and unlocking bootloader stuff on their Android Phones.
Solus MATE's Brisk Menu

Solus MATE to get brand new menu named ‘Brisk Menu’

Solus team today revealed a new menu called 'Brisk Menu' only for the Solus MATE edition. The project is in development stage and the...
Insync install in Solus

How to install Insync in Solus

Insync is a cross platform Google Drive client. It provides a simple and effective way to stay connected to Google Drive. The application provides instant access to the data from Google drive, and keeps it always synced to and fro. 

Looking for Screenshot capturing utility for Solus? Try Spectacle.

Spectacle is a free screenshot capture utility that lets you capture images of the entire desktop, a single monitor, the currently active window, the window currently under the mouse, or a rectangular region of the screen.
install solus

How to install Solus on your PC

Solus is one of the fastest growing free and open source Linux distributions out there. Unlike several new distributions that are merely a skin...

How to install Spotify in Solus

Spotify is a very popular online music, video, and podcast streaming service with over a million songs in its database. Every music lover should...