Friday, February 23, 2018
rolling vs point release linux release

Linux Rolling Release vs Point Release, and which is better?

Any software development can be classified into two broad models, including Standard Point release, and other the Rolling release. Linux distributions development also use one of these development cycles.

10 basic Linux commands to learn for every Beginner

Linux command lines may look initially out of the comfort zone for beginners, but as one start learning, it becomes the obvious choice for performing tasks, mostly for remote login and troubleshooting purposes. So what are Linux commands? Commands are the user input tasks in the Terminal of a Linux OS.
Linux Directory Structure

15 things you need to know about the Linux Directory Structure

In the second chapter of our 'Learn Linux' series, today we learn about the Linux Directory structure. Every operating systems have certain hierarchy of directory for organizing the files as a way to help users keep track of where something can be found.
Learn Linux - Shell

What is the Shell in Linux?

Many of our readers have requested me to write articles on learning Linux. I'm excited to introduce first article in this mega series - Linux Shell. You might have heard about this term used in Linux quite often. So, what is Shell? 

Linux Kernel 4.10 features and know if you should upgrade now

The much anticipated Linux Kernel 4.10 has been released! The brain behind the development of Linux Kernels 'Linus Torvalds' took 7 weeks to build and it...
prepare pc for installing linux

20 steps to prepare your PC for Linux installation

If you are here, I think by now you should have test drove a Linux distro using a Live USB drive. Once you did that and...

How to find out Linux Kernel version running on your PC

Linux Kernel is constantly updated with new features, bug fixes, performance improvements, and security loop hole fixes. Since Linux distributions can't catch up immediately...

What is Linux Kernel, and Should you upgrade to the latest...

Don't worry, I'm not going to write another wiki article on Linux Kernel (I know there is Wikipedia for that!), but rather I'm going...
suspend and hibernate

What is difference between Suspend and Hibernate in Linux

When it comes to power options in Linux distros, there are Logout, Shutdown, Suspend, and Hibernate functions. Logout and Shutdown are self-explanatory. Let's learn...