Linux Mint new logo revealed, LMDE 4 to be named Debbie

Here are some crucial updates from the Linux Mint community.

The Linux Mint Monthly newsletter for September has been posted, and we’ve gotten to know some crucial details about the future of Linux Mint and LMDE 4.

For those of you who don’t know, Linux Mint releases a newsletter each month for updating its users about what’s currently going on in the Mint world.

One of the main highlights of this month’s progress is a new logo. Yes, you read correctly, the Mint team has been working on creating a new logo for its brand that has the same old ‘LM’ shape. The letters are joined together, and there is no surrounding leaf. You can have a look at some of the different variations of the new logo in the following image:

Linux Mint New Logo

All thanks to the new minimalist logo, the Mint team will be allowed to truly channel their creativity and come up with more modern designs.

As Mint fanatics would know, the Linux Mint operating system also comes in a Debian flavor, known as LMDE. The team starts with Debian instead of Ubuntu in this build so that the distro doesn’t depend on Ubuntu for its future. In September, some thought was put into the upcoming version of LMDE (i.e., LMDE 4) and hence, the codename ‘Debbie’ was suggested for it. The minds behind the product consider it to be cute and fitting the overall Debian image.

But that’s not all, some other developments have also taken place the other month which we’ll briefly discuss. Firstly, the Mint team has worked towards improving the new date format system by fixing a problem in the localization of the default date format. Users won’t encounter this issue when they update to version 19.3 on their Cinnamon or Mate systems.

Apart from that, the newly-introduced XAppStatusIcons have been further polished with the availability of a new API that allows users to create applets easily. Plus, the Mint team has been able to finally get their hands on the new MintBox 3, which you can get to know more about here. From the blog, it seems that they’ve quite liked it and are working on fixing a CPU-related issue.

With a focus on providing better system reports, the developers are trying to enhance the usefulness of the system reports tool. Users can be more aware of important events that are soon to take place (such as, reaching EOL) without having to check the blog that frequently.

Mint Report
Mint Report


There are a lot of developments going on in the Mint world, both creative and developmental. If you want to know more details of what went down in September when it comes to Linux Mint, make sure to check out the official monthly newsletter.

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