A brand-new desktop theme in works for Ubuntu 20.04

When users finally get to have their hands on Ubuntu 20.04, they are sure to be awestruck by the wild amount of UI changes accompanying this update.

As we get closer to the release of Ubuntu 20.04, we’re finding out more and more information about how the new operating system update would look like. From what we’ve learned thus far, there’s a new desktop theme in the works that will give the users a fresh look and feel of Ubuntu.

As Ubuntu users would already know, the operating system has been using Yaru as its UI theme since v18.10. Of course, this is an important period for Canonical as the release of Ubuntu 20.04 is right around the corner, or the 23rd of April, to be more specific. So, the minds behind Yaru considered this the perfect time to conduct a meeting with Ubuntu’s design team at the official Canonical headquarters located in London.

By reading the official blog post by Ubuntu, one thing is for sure, and that is that the face of Ubuntu Desktop is going to see a drastic change. It isn’t that straightforward to change the Ubuntu Desktop default theme, which owes to the fact that Yaru has expanded over to other operating systems as well, including Arch, Fedora, and Pop! OS. However, we’re sure that the geniuses behind these products would have worked something out.


Now getting to the actual changes, there has been sufficient work on getting rid of any bugs in the theme. However, that’s not surprising as that’s what most of the updates are about. The design teams have decided that the color scheme of switches, radio buttons, and check-boxes is now going to be purple, which was previously green.


Although there’s no doubting the usefulness of the two ‘Radiance’ and ‘Ambiance’ variants of the Ubuntu theme, it makes sense why one would have gotten tired of them because they’ve been here for a while. However, this is soon going to change as there has been the announcement of three new theme variants for Ubuntu 20.04, which include Yaru Light, Yaru Standard, and Yaru Dark.


Although Yaru Light and Yaru Dark need no explaining, the Yaru Standard theme gives the user a mix of both light and dark elements. Other than that, it is also highly likely that users will be able to change their Yaru variant right from the Settings.

Another major part of a UI theme is folder icons, and the designers haven’t neglected it at all. The teams are working on fresh folder icons that not only go along well with the different Yaru flavors but also give that Ubuntu look.


Here, you can see the design team just chilling on the roof after a hard day’s work. With that being said, they still have a lot of work to do before Ubuntu 20.04 is released.



When users finally get to have their hands on Ubuntu 20.04, they are sure to be awestruck by the wild amount of UI changes accompanying this update. Apart from the design changes mentioned in this article, there are high chances of many other ones taking place in the future, which is enough to get any Ubuntu fan excited for the new release.

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