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MX Linux 19.1 released with bugfixes and updated apps

by Travis Rose
MX Linux 19.1 release

Popular Linux distro MX Linux received a point update 19.1 over the weekend with a plethora of application updates and bugfixes.  This is the first update to the MX Linux 19 “Patito Feo” series.  The release is the first with the antiX repository disabled.

MX Linux 19

MX Linux 19 Desktop

In their release announcement, the MX Development team states,

“We are pleased to offer MX-19.1 for your use.  MX-19.1 is a refresh of our MX-19 release, consisting of bug fixes and application updates since our original release of MX-19. If you are already running MX-19, there is no need to reinstall. Packages are all available through the regular update channel.”

About MX Linux

Debian-based MX Linux is a mid-weight Linux distro developed as a cooperative venture between the antiX and former MEPIS communities with the stated goal to “combine an elegant and efficient desktop with simple configuration, high stability, solid performance, and medium-sized footprint”  While Xfce desktop environment is the MX Linux’s default DE, KDE Plasma and other environments may be added and are available.

The distro’s name, MX, is a combination of the first letter of Mepis and the last letter of antiX, chosen as a symbol to the two foundations collaboration.

What’s New MX Linux 19.1

Another change in addition to the disabling of the antiX repo is Advanced Hardware Support or AHS.  The AHS ISO is designed for newer computers and includes the Linux 5.4 kernel and the MESA 19.2 graphics stack. The AHS ISO is 64-bit and is in addition to the traditional MX-Linux 19.1 32- and 64-bit ISOs.

MX Linux 19.1

MX Linux 19.1

The Linux MX 19.1 release comprises the latest updates from the MX and Debian 10.3 “Buster” repositories, including, Updated Firmware, Latest Debian 4.19 Kernel (AHS uses 5.4), Xfce 4.14, MESA 18.3.6 (AHS uses 19.2.1), GIMP 2.10.2, VLC 3.0.8, Clementine 1.3.1, Firefox 73, LibreOffice 6.1.5 with Security Fixes (LibreOffice 6.5 is also available in the repos), Thunderbird 68.4.0, MX-Fluxbox (an alternate window manager with supporting packages), MX-tweak, MX-installer, MX-pkexec, brightness-systray, an updated manual, and many MX-apps also received translation updates.


MX Linux is a wildly popular distro in the Linux communities and enjoys the number one ranking on distrowatch.com, along with an average visitor rating of 8.85 (out of 10).

Existing MX Linux 19 users will upgrade to 19.1 automatically through the standard upgrade process.

Linux enthusiast looking to try out MX Linux for the first time can directly download the standard 32-bit, 64-bit versions as well as the new AHS version from sourceforge.net or use the mirrors provided on the official MX Linux website.  Torrents are also available from the MX Linux website.

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