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System76 Lemur Pro, a Linux Laptop with the best battery life

by Divya Kiran Kumar
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Lemur Pro

System76, a Colorado-based small innovative company, designs and builds Linux-based laptops, desktops, and also servers. Their PCs come loaded with either Ubuntu or Pop!_OS, a new Ubuntu-based Linux distribution developed in-house by the company.

Lemur Pro – System76’s Lightest Linux Laptop

Lemur Pro, with its 10th generation Intel Core processor and 40 GB of RAM, is the stuff that Linux dreams are made of! Let’s quickly dive into its most striking features.

Lemur Pro Best Battery Life Linux Laptop

Lemur Pro Linux Laptop

Long-lasting Battery Life

According to System76, Lemur Pro is the most portable, long-lasting, and expandable laptop in their line up of Linux machines. The 73 Wh Lithium-ion battery reportedly lasts for 14 hours on the default display brightness. Well, that is a pretty long time considering that most laptops give you 5 to 6 hours of battery life before you start to look around for plugging them in.

As per the company, 14 hours of battery life is what you get for ‘average’ usage of their laptop, a combination of browsing and watching videos, or playing movies. If you were to use Lemur Pro for only browsing Wikipedia, for instance, your battery would last for 16 hours. Or 21 hours for coding on the VIM editor.

Pretty neat, isn’t it? Imagine not having to charge your battery even once for the entire duration of the transatlantic flight!

Portable and Light-Weight

Weighing 2.2 lbs or less than a kg, Lemur Pro is one of the lightest laptops you can get without compromising on the performance specs. Combined with the 14-hour battery life, you can get on average; this laptop offers tremendous portability. Its 180-degree hinge is an additional cool feature you may or may not need, but one that you would be excited to show off to your buddies.

It is a little over half-inch thickness (0.61″ to be precise) makes it sleek enough to carry around in your bag or your hand comfortably.

Best Battery Life

180-degree hinge

USB-C monitor docking

If you want to avoid clutter on your desktop and reduce the number of wires running around your workspace, you may want to consider using the monitor-based docking feature of the Lemur Pro. What this does is it allows you to connect your laptop to a USB-C supporting monitor and simultaneously charge your laptop all the while using the connection to increase your screen space.

USB-C Monitor Docking

USB-C Monitor Docking

Open Source Firmware

People who came together for System76 are firm believers in open-source software. Their Open Firmware is powered by coreboot, a free and open-source BIOS that is lean, flexible, and delivers remarkable improvement in boot speed. In addition to according better security, coreboot allows System76’s machines to boot to login in under 10 seconds.

The best thing about using open-source firmware is that there are no hidden back doors or surprises in the BIOS. It gives you complete freedom to inspect the source code and fix any issues.

Not only the BIOS but also the Embedded Controller Firmware in System76’s Linux machines are open source. This grants you access and control over your peripherals, such as a keyboard, fans, battery, etc. This is as open source as your Linux machine could get!


  • 10th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7
  • Up to 40GB Dual Channel DDR4
  • System76 Open Firmware with Coreboot
  • Up to 4TB NVMe drives
  • 14.1″ 1920×1080 FHD, Matte Finish Display
  • Intel UHD Graphics
  • 720p HD Webcam camera


The Lemur Pro is one of the most sophisticated Linux laptops available on the market. If you are an open-source fanatic, this one is sure to exceed your expectations with its open-source BIOS and firmware.

Lemur Pro can be customized to your needs, and the price starts at $1,099 for the most basic configuration. The price is at the higher end of the spectrum.

However, for someone who doesn’t mind to shell extra bucks to become the proud owner of an exceptional laptop that gives an incredible 14-hour lasting battery on a single charge, this one might be a good buy.

You can check out System76’s Lemur Pro here.

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