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How to install Minecraft on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

IIn this article, we are going to show how to install Minecraft on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or any other Debian based distribution. The installation procedure is pretty simple and requires the installation of some additional packages.

5 Best Application Launchers for Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the most used Linux distributions worldwide. It is also the reason why it has the maximum number of available programs for itself. Today we are going to talk about one category of those programs, the application launchers.

3 Best Ways to Uninstall Software on Ubuntu

Uninstallation of programs can be done by graphical way using the Ubuntu Software Center, and the Synaptic Package manager. Command-line way of doing it is also possible using apt-get and aptitude commands. We shall discuss each one of them in detail.

How to Backup and Restore Files and Folders on Ubuntu

Ubuntu comes built-in with a backup tool known as "Déjà Dup." The backup tool is deactivated by default. This tutorial will guide you in setting up the backup of files and folders to a location.

How to clean uninstall and reinstall Firefox in Ubuntu

Mozilla Firefox is an open source, free internet-browsing application. Mozilla Firefox considered Ubuntu's official web browser, so almost every Ubuntu distribution comes with Firefox installed.

Ubuntu 19.10 development begins, here is what we know so far

Disco Dingo's storm hasn't settled yet, but following the typical schedule, Canonical didn't waste time kick-starting Ubuntu 19.10. Let's catch the development details available today.

How to install Steam on Ubuntu

Steam is a video gaming platform developed by Valve Corporation. Steam has several games on its servers and you need to install the Steam client on your PC to access them. You can install games on your computer using the steam application and play them whenever you need.

How to install VirtualBox and Guest Additions in Ubuntu

Oracle VM VirtualBox is a free, open source, and powerful virtualization product for enterprise and home use. With frequently released versions, VirtualBox is actively being developed and has a growing list of features, supported guest OS and platforms.