Linux Mint officially announces LMDE 4 and changes in Cinnamon 4.6

The development teams are putting in a great effort and the results will soon be out in the form of LMDE 4, Cinnamon 4.6, and MintBox 3.

The January Edition of the Linux Mint’s monthly newsletter is sure to get Mint fans excited as it briefly unveils LMDE 4, discusses what’s new in Cinnamon 4.6, and a whole lot more.

It was clear that Linux Mint 19.3 was a massive hit as it soared donations to about $25K in a single month. Clement Lefebvre, who is one of the team leaders of the Linux Mint project, thanks to the Mint fans for their support to start the blog post.

Apart from the beginning of a new development cycle, the development team also has its sight set on producing two new package bases for Linux Mint 20 and Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) 4.

Users will first be able to get their hands on LMDE 4, which features new boot menus, Cinnamon 4.4, better HiDPI, and various other improvements included in Linux Mint 19.3. Plus, the system will now be based on an enhanced Debian 10 package.

This update to LMDE will also come with the features that LMDE 3 was not able to inherit from Linux Mint, which includes the way-better-looking installer.

LMDE 4 Installer
LMDE 4 Installer

It was often the case that some NVIDIA cards showed incompatibility with the open-source driver, Nouveau. Accordingly, users started using nomodeset for fixing this issue, which worked most of the time. With that being said, users won’t be encountering this issue anymore when they update to LMDE 4 as its boot menu installs the NVIDIA drivers without any interruption.

LMDE 4 NVIDIA driver
LMDE 4 NVIDIA driver

Now let’s have a look at the upcoming Cinnamon 4.6. A significant number of users were asking for a feature that will allow them to control the frequency of their monitors and can already be found in other desktop environments. Nevertheless, the developers have worked on this feature, and it will now be a part of the next Cinnamon update.

Cinnamon 4.6 Display Settings
Cinnamon 4.6 Display Settings

Other than that, fractional scaling will also be included in Cinnamon 4.6. As of now, users can only choose between two scaling options: 100% (standard) and 200% (HiDPI). Moreover, the monitor type isn’t taken into consideration either. However, with this update, it will be possible to choose any value from 100% to 200% for scaling, which will also depend on the monitor.

Lastly, another good news for Mint fans is that they can now get their hands on MintBox 3, as the machines are now available on Amazon and Compulab. Also, it doesn’t matter where you hail from, as both these sites offer worldwide shipping. If you want to learn more about the most powerful MintBox ever made, check out this article of ours that lists down all its specs and pricing structure.


The development teams are putting in a great effort and the results will soon be out in the form of LMDE 4, Cinnamon 4.6, and MintBox 3. To delve deeper into what the Mint team has been up to for the past month, make sure to check out their official newsletter.

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  1. Hare Krishna!

    Hello –

    I have the below:

    Host: lxmint Kernel: 5.3.0-42-generic x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc
    v: 7.4.0 Desktop: Cinnamon 4.4.8 Distro: Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia
    base: Ubuntu 18.04 bionic

    Is it possible to convert in place to the new Linux Mint Debian base?

    Thank you,

  2. Not LDME, but I installed 19.3 on a 13 year old laptop with 2 GB of RAM and one of the first dual-core centrinos.. despite the lousy fan, everything just works! It turned into my kids daily driver 😀


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