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The 10 Best & Free Linux Games You Can Play Now

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best free games for Linux

There are several games explicitly developed for the Linux platform. This article will discuss the best free Linux games suitable for your Linux distro. Remember, there are other paid Linux games. However, in this article, you will spend nothing since we shall only cover the free Linux games.

Generally, Linux has lots of outstanding games offered at fair and affordable prices. However, this does not favor all users since some require only free games. A key point to note about the Linux games is that nearly all of them are categorized as open-source. This means that their initial source code can be altered or modified to the gamer’s preference.

Nonetheless, Linux has exciting games that can only be accessed through Steam. Almost all gamers should be familiar with Steam. This is a gaming platform that gives users the ability to flawlessly play any game of their choice as long as Steam supports it. Stick to this article to know the top 10 best free Linux games that you can play now.

Free Linux Games You Can Play Now

1. Dota 2

Dota 2 is among the most common Linux games platform that has controlled the most notable titles globally for a reasonably long time. To this extent, no game has brought up competition to take its place on the ranking list. Truthfully, it isn’t easy to find a game-related article that does not debate this prevalent game. Dota 2 has proved to be the most famous fight field game free and available for all Linux users.

Dota 2 is categorized as a multi-player online arena video game developed and published by Valve back in 2009. The game supports various distributions since its initiation. This includes Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux. The game’s availability is enhanced by the digital distribution platform of Steam in July 2013, a windows open-beta phase that was launched two years earlier.

The game obtained the name Dota because it defends ancients, and more so, its availability on Esport offers gamers the platform to compete with other gamers around the world. Dota 2 gamers and users should be familiar with the image below:

Dota 2

Dota 2

2. Super Tux Kart

Super Tux Kart is another free-to-play racing game for Linux and its distros. It is an open-source structured racing game sorted with several gameplay styles, characters, and tracks. Tux Kart is entirely realistic and so enjoyable while playing.

The game’s story mode is considered enticing as you face the Nolok and beat him to secure kingdom protection as a player. The availability of the time trial mode presents an opportunity for you to win your fast time challenge.

The three critical personalities in the game are Tux, a brave penguin, and the hero of Super TuxKart. In Gnu, a mentor of Tux, comes second, while the third is Nolok, the villain.

Super Tux Kart

Super Tux Kart

For a long time, SuperTuxKart has been on light consideration when talking about Linux gaming. However, due to its open-source software nature that allows modification from various developers. The game has gained popularity among Linux users recently.

To sum it up, the contest is entertaining, unrestricted, and apparently in your distribution’s storehouses. SuperTux Kart is entirely 3D and will run on almost any Linux computer regardless of your system specifications. This makes it an excellent alternative for approved desktops as well as gaming on Personal Computers.

3. UFO: Alien Invasion

This is an exciting game because its gameplay is about protecting the earth. Here, the gamers are given the task of saving the planet from being invaded and taken over by the aliens. UFO: Alien Invasion is a squad-based policy video game found in the X-COM series. The game has two play modes: Geoscape and tactical mode.

UFO is built using the modified id Tech 2 engine. The game supports and runs on many Operating systems such as Linux, Free Berkeley Software distribution, Open Berkeley Software distribution, Microsoft Windows, Amiga operating system 4, and Mac Operating System X for both PPC and Intel Macs, a version for Android-on-Android Market.

The game emulates the X-COM series that Mythos Games and MicroProse introduced. However, it is neither a series nor a make-over of any X-COM or other commercial titles. The game is tactical and strategical as it follows the generation of the classic X-COM series. In this game, the gamer controls an undisclosed or secret unit responsible for defending the planet from a brutal alien enemy.

UFO- Alien Invasion

UFO- Alien Invasion

The game’s primary objective is to contrast the military reality to hard science-fiction and the mysteriousness of alien invasion. Furthermore, the player is given a turn-based system whose role is providing the gamer a source command of ruling and maintaining the squad’s level of speed and the danger they are into.

The game is super exciting as it keeps you engaged with the real-time challenges during the game, especially the tactical mode where you have to control the squad.

4. Unknown Horizons

Suppose you love city-building games, then worry less since Horizons is an exceptional real-time economy simulator and city builder game designed for you. The game is categorized as 2D simulator games that contain features such as trade, commodities management, strategy, urban development, and exploration. Unknown Horizons is a replica of Dota 2 since here; the player also enjoys free-mode gaming.

Horizons is an exciting game that allows the creation of a preeminent metro city from scratch. It also allows one to accomplish some tasks, such as finding trade routes, diplomatic strategies, news islands, and ways to upgrade your city’s production of wealth state.

In this game, the player is tasked to take charge of a group of people settling in a newly discovered small chain of islands. One has many tasks to carry out when taking control, including providing food, tools, lumber, and publicly required services for the settlers’ comfortability and welfare. In return, the settlers, or rather the inhabitants, have to pay taxes, which acts as the primary source of revenue.

When supplied effectively, the population will grow, and the inhabitants will rise to higher social classes. Currently, there are six different settlement levels planned and more than 40 other buildings available.

The game is likely to be more interesting as the developer is still working on more advanced and exciting features to incorporate in the game.

Unknown Horizons

Unknown Horizons

5. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a multi-player game which means it allows more than one gamer to compete against each other. It is a recently developed game that is built and made available by Valve. Despite being a free game, Team Fortress 2 developers work tirelessly by providing daily and essential updates. This is an important aspect that helps in error debugging for easy use by its users.

This outstanding game is simple for one to play. First, there are two teams available for you to choose from. After that, there are nine-character classes for you to pick out for battle. For instance, games like capture the flag, where each player has to work their way out of the territory and battle out to take the flag. If you take the flag, then you are crowned the winner.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

Another character game is the king of the hill, where teams struggle to be at the top of the mountain to win. Due to this, Team Fortress 2 received a recommendation for its humor, art direction, and character in a multi-player-only game.

An interlinked advantage with this exceptional game is the complete training and offline practices offered to new users or newcomers to ensure they are well settled. More games include Control Point, Payload, Arena, and many more.

6. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, popularly abbreviated as CSGO, is another excellent game distributed by Valve Corporation.

It is a first-person shooter video game accessible for free on several platforms like Steam for Linux.

The initial release of this game was in 2012. Up to date, Valve corporation has been providing essential updates annually. The game is well-known by esports gamers. Additionally, the gamers have the privilege to participate in the various competitions held annually.

The game involves two teams of terrorists and counter-terrorism units that work against each other. Both teams are assigned tasks that should be performed for the game to be rendered over.

The counter-terrorism team tasks are; the rescue of hostages and stopping bombs planted by terrorists from exploding. The game has excellent and exciting features, including the eight-game modes, all of which have distinct characteristics particular to the modes.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

7. Mari0

All gamers in their childhood did play the popular Mario game. Original Super Mario Bros was developed and distributed by Nintendo and Mari0 duplicate model with the help of Valve cooperation. This game has no restricted access on any Linux platform, thus an advantage to all Linux users.

Mari0 combines gameplay elements from Nintendo’s Super Mario series and Valve’s Portal series. The game features Mario armed with a “Portal Gun,” the primary game mechanic in the Portal series, allowing him to create two temporal portals on 2-dimensional surfaces, which can transport himself, enemies, and other objects through them.

Mari0 has characteristics such as a portal gun to shoot portals, a 4-player simultaneous coop with every player having his portal gun, 33 different hats, game modifiers, a level editor, and many more.



8. Naev

Whether you like adventuring or not, here is why you should try playing this game. Naev is a game full of space exploration, trade, and combat games available to play for free on Steam. The goal is to travel the galaxy, complete the missions, and business to earn money.

During the gameplay, you can explore a vast galaxy with hundreds of planets and moons. There are many spaceships available to buy. You can also customize them since the game’s software is open-source; hence, you can apply various modes and recreate them in your preferred way.



9. World of Warships: Transformers

Linux steam platform has another outstanding free game called World of Warships: Transformers. In this particular game, there are approximately 300 historic vessels such as (WWI and WWII) like Lowa, Bismarck, and Yamato that one needs to take control of one of them to fight their enemies.

The game collaborates between Transformers and World of Warships. The free-to-play online multi-platform game was produced by Wargaming Group Limited and developed by Lesta Studio. The game involves various ships that the player should control to win. These ships participated in both Atlantic and Pacific auditoriums of World War II, and vessels were initially designed but were never laid down or completed. It also includes crafts built or modified from historical designs by Wargaming.

World of Warships: Transformers

World of Warships: Transformers

This game is played in solely or multi-player mode. The game involves lots of combats and engagement, which demands a gamer’s complete concentration. Else, you can get bombarded by your enemy at any time. To sum it up, the game is open-source software, which means that you can customize your fleet with ship modules, camouflages, flags, and many more options.

10. Albion

This online game allows multi-player mode gaming, meaning it handles more than one gamer simultaneously. The game involves Armor pieces and weapons which determines your uniqueness in executing the game and your playstyle mode. Albion is an open-source game that allows crafting and customization of the game by players to their liking. This enhances the user’s ability to find powerful tools that they are accustomed to, thus easing their gaming session.

Albion is among the best games that the Linux gaming platform has. This is because of the gameplay features, including claiming territories and getting access to the incredible resources during the battle.




This article has reviewed the top 10 best and free Linux games you can play now. The gaming ecosystem is rapidly growing, and with time, Linux has continually incorporated its top free games into its already impressive library.

This makes gaming much more enticing. Gamers should, therefore, try these free games on their Linux distros. Sharing is caring. Therefore, feel free to share this article with your friends!

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