Install WPS Office on Fedora

WPS Office is the best looking office suite for Linux. Like Microsoft Office, it has the ribbon user interface and comes loaded with several templates. Personally, I prefer WPS Office over LibreOffice. WPS Office suite consists of Writer, Spreadsheets, and Presentation. It is 100% free office suite for Linux.

Install WPS Office on Fedora 25 Workstation

WPS Office is not listed in the Fedora’s software center, but thanks to the developers as they have already provided the RPM binary. Here is how you can install it.

STEP 1: Download the WPS Office RPM binary for your computer from here. Look for .rpm files only. It should look like this : wps-office- (for 32-bit and 64bit PCs) OR wps-office- (32-bit i686 PCs). Your version numbers may be different depending on when you are downloading it.

STEP 2: You can double-click on the downloaded file, and then click on ‘Install’.

Shutter installation
Shutter installation

OR, for an offline install on another computer, you can install it via terminal after copying the downloaded file. I’m assuming you are copying the downloaded file is in ‘Downloads’ directory. I suggest to rename it so that you can easily type it in command line. Those numbers, dots, dashes can be confusing. I renamed my file to wpsoffice-install.rpm.

Rename the installer
Rename the installer

Now launch ‘Terminal’ and type the following commands one at a time followed by hitting enter key.

First command is to go to super user mode. Enter the root password.


Next, use ‘change directory’ command to go to ‘Downloads’ folder.

cd Downloads

Use ‘list’ command to see the contents in the ‘Downloads’ folder.


Finally type the dnf install command:

dnf install wpsoffice-install.rpm

Pay attention to the install process in the terminal and enter ‘y’ when prompted.

WPS Office Install via Terminal
WPS Office Install via Terminal

That’s it. WPS Office suite should now be installed.

WPS Office in Fedora 25
WPS Office in Fedora 25




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