restrict sftp jail

Configure OpenSSH to restrict access with SFTP Jails

By default settings, SSH users will be able to view the entire filesystem. This is not what you want. Don't you? In this Terminal Tuts, we are going to guide you on how to configure OpenSSH to restrict access to the home directories.
IP and MAC Address

How to find IP and MAC Address by command line in...

Another day, another command line tutorial. Today, let's talk about an important networking command in Linux, ip. This command is very useful to fish out network parameters of the Linux computer. It works on all Linux distributions including Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, and etc..
scan bad sectors in hard disk

Check hard disk for Bad Sectors by command-line in Ubuntu, Linux...

Hard disk failures are just a thing that's bound to happen to every computer. But, time of complete failure is something that you should...
remove apps from terminal

How to completely uninstall applications by command line in Ubuntu

Uninstalling software from the command line via Terminal is one of the most important tasks while dealing with troubleshooting a remotely connected Ubuntu PC. In today's Terminal Tuts session, let's take a deep dive into it.
terminal tutorials - shutdown

How to reboot, shutdown, log off PC from Terminal by command-line...

Linux was all command-line when it began. Commands are input into Terminal and this was primary means of communicating with the OS to get...
terminal kill program

How to kill a frozen program in Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and...

Although Linux Mint and Ubuntu (eOS is still a beta distro) are solid and stable operating systems, you can't avoid program computer freezes due to the...
Installing security updates only

How to install security updates from the command line in Ubuntu

The apt update and upgrade command install all the updates including the software updates and the official security updates. In case you only want to install just the security updates and not all the application updates, you can do that too. Here is how:
Enable root password in solus

How to enable a Root Password in Solus

Solus comes with the root password disabled by default settings. This guide walks you through enabling and changing the root password. Admin runs as a standard user.
solus command line update

How to update Solus using commands from the Terminal

Solus comes in three flavors including Budgie, GNOME, and MATE editions. Let's take a look at how to install updates in your Solus PC using command line via Terminal.
update by command-line ubuntu

How to install updates on Ubuntu, Linux Mint by Command-line

In our second session of Terminal Tuts, we shall learn how to install updates on the Ubuntu-based distros by command-line using Terminal. We shall...