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50 Bash Commands Cheat Sheet

The Bash shell is a powerful tool for Linux users, and knowing the right commands can greatly enhance your productivity. Our cheat sheet offers 50 indispensable Bash commands at a glance, making your tasks more efficient and streamlined.

by Divya Kiran Kumar
50 bash commands cheat sheet

Bash, also known as the Bourne Again Shell, is the default command-line interpreter for most Linux operating systems. It allows users to interact with the system, manage files and processes, and execute scripts. To help beginners and experienced users alike, we have compiled a list of 50 commonly used Bash commands along with their descriptions and sample outputs.

50 Bash Commands Cheat Sheet

This reference table serves as a quick guide for your Bash-related tasks.

Command Description
ls List directory contents
pwd Print current working directory
cd dir_name Change directory
echo "Hello" Display a message or output
man ls Display manual for a command
mkdir new_dir Create a directory
rmdir new_dir Remove a directory
cat file.txt Display the contents of a file
touch newfile.txt Create a new empty file or update timestamp
rm file.txt Remove a file
cp file1 file2 Copy file1 to file2
mv file1 dir1 Move file1 to dir1 directory
date Display current date and time
cal Display the calendar
df Display disk space usage
du Estimate file and directory space usage
ps Display currently active processes
top Display dynamic real-time view of running processes
kill 12345 Kill process with PID 12345
bg Lists stopped or background jobs
fg Brings a background job to the foreground
history Display command history
clear Clear the terminal
chmod 755 file Change file permissions
chown user:group file Change file owner and group
find . -name "file.txt" Search for files in directory tree
grep "word" file.txt Search for a word inside a file
wc file.txt Count lines, words, and characters in a file
sort file.txt Sort the lines of a file
cut -d':' -f1 /etc/passwd Cut out sections from each line of files
tar czf archive.tar.gz dir Create a compressed archive of a directory
unzip file.zip Extract files from a zip archive
alias ll='ls -la' Create an alias for a command
uname -a Display system information
ifconfig or ip a Display network interfaces and configurations
ping google.com Ping google.com
netstat -tuln Display network ports and listening services
ssh user@host SSH to a remote host
curl www.example.com Fetch the contents of a webpage
wget www.example.com/file.zip Download a file from the internet

This is a basic cheat sheet and there are many other options and arguments available for each command. Refer to the man pages (man command_name) for more detailed information on each command.

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