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How to increase the Laptop’s Battery Life in Fedora

by Kiran Kumar
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Most of Linux distros are optimized for desktop PC to get best user experience and performance. They seldom come with default power saving settings optimized for laptop users where battery juice top priority.

In order to get the best battery life, there are several third-party utilities that can be downloaded for free. I recommend the following top two utilities that can significantly help your laptop get a longer battery life.

Increasing the Laptop battery life in Fedora

The following utilities have been tested to work on Fedora 27 but should work on older versions including Fedora 25 too.

CAUTION: You have to choose to install one of the following two utilities. Never install both on the same computer.

1. TLP

TLP gets you the advanced power management for Linux without the need to understand every technical detail. It is highly configurable for those who want to dig deep into it or it can work wonderfully at the background by simply installing it and forgetting it. TLP runs on any laptop make and model.

Installing TLP in Fedora

Launch Terminal and enter the following command:

sudo dnf install tlp tlp-rdw

After installation is complete, enter the following commands one by one.

systemctl enable tlp.service
systemctl enable tlp-sleep.service
Enter the root password when requested.
That’s it! TLP will work in the background silently.

2. Powertop

PowerTOP is similar to TLP, but slightly less configurable than TLP.  It is typically used by system admin as a diagnostic tool. Nevertheless, it still has the interactive mode where the user can experiment with various power management settings.

PowerTOP can report which components in the computer are most likely to blame for a higher-than-needed power consumption, from software applications to active components in the system.

Installing POwertop in Fedora

sudo dnf install powertop

To run the program and enable its background services, use the commands below one by one:

sudo systemctl start powertop.service
sudo systemctl enable powertop.service

That’s it! Hope you get the best battery life in your laptop using one of these utilities.

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