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Stellarium – Planetarium App for 3D simulation of the night sky

The advancement of science and technology has had its effect on practically everything. Some fields have experienced an impact more significant than the others, like medicine, education, and more than anything, space technology. Stellarium is a program on Linux that can be used to explore the galaxy, and right at our desks. Here are the features and how to install it.

SMPlayer 19.1 released; adds support for 60fps YouTube Videos and Subtitles Search

SMPlayer got bumped straight to version 19.1 from 18.10 with the addition of a couple of important features and several bug fixes. SMPlayer is an award-winning MPlayer graphical user interface (GUI), capable of playing almost all known video and audio formats. 

KeePassXC – Store and Auto-type Passwords Safely

Today, we shall review one such free and open-source application "KeePassXC Password Manager". KeePassXC is a community fork of KeePass tool which is a 15-year old tool for Windows operating system. Built using Qt5 libraries, it is a cross-platform application that can run on Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

Kid3 – Best Audio Tag Editor on Linux

Metadata of an audio file like album name, artist's name, release year and much more are stored inside 'tags' of the audio file. For...

Xtreme Download Manager – saves streaming videos, accelerates downloads

For all these downloads, we always try to make sure they finish as fast as possible. This becomes a necessity if you're on a slow network. Other than that, there is always the threat of a big file crashing through the download process, and having to start it again. So what to do about it? Try Xtreme Download Manager.

Avidemux – Video Editor for Cutting, Filtering, and Encoding

Well, let me introduce you to Avidemux then. Its main functions include cutting, filtering, and encoding, which we'll discuss in a bit more detail in this article. It is also worth mentioning that just like every other software discussed at FOSSLinux, you can get Avidemux for free.

How to Stream, Record Video over Network on Linux with VLC

Apart from media playback, VLC Media Player can do a few exciting things. Today we are going to write about one of those features of VLC; one that allows users to stream, record and broadcast the video footage recorded by various recording devices.

Pile – Organize your piled work at one place

Pile, a free and open source program can be used to get everything organized. Pile enables users to organize files with a task-list and notes, so that your files are easier to manage, according to your projects. It doesn't actually move the files around in your filesystem, but simply displays it. Let us go through what this program offers us.